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Purveyors of Electronic, Musical and Vintage goods from then, now and in between. 
Since 1982.



This is a collection of sites / acquaintances we have acquired over the past 20+ years that we either like / use ourselves or feel may be of benefit to some of our visitors.
We do not endorse nor warrant any of their work, efforts, nor results from their work or efforts should you choose to subscribe to them or their opinions.
In other words, exercise common sense because you're on your own.



 Antique Fan Collectors Association    Antique Fan Collectors Association 


     Australian Pink Floyd - If you're a Pink Floyd fan, and who isn't (if you're not, you should be, so there), you need to see these guys. I can't say enough about them. Not only do they do both an amazingly accurate, Sonic and Visual Pink Floyd show, they are incredible musicians. One of the best, if not the best, show I have seen. Most of the musicians I know here in Colorado Springs, saw the show "drop jawed" and will say the same thing. I know some folks may scoff at a "tribute" band, but I am willing to bet that no one alive has heard Bach, Vivaldi, Strauss or any of the "classic" composers of long ago, do any of their original songs, themselves. If you can get over that, and are able to catch one of Australian Pink Floyd's shows, you will not be disappointed! Follow the above link to their official web site with a tour schedule.


      Sells many unique and specialized products andis the Main source for "CenterLink Electronics Products" featuring the "CenterLink CL-1" surround sound Center Channel Home Theater Module. Great for turning your existing TV speakers into fully functional, center-channel speakers for your Surround System. No need for one of those bulky, expensive center channel speakers. Check them out.

   Elements - Gifts & Decor  . Our sister site offering Deco / Retro. Featuring Reproduction radios,

 telephones, music boxes, etc.   

    Aluminum Christmas Trees         Reproduction Radios          Reproduction Telephones       Reproduction Music Boxes 

     HifiWorks is a Vintage Hi-Fi specialist concern based in the heart of Cornwall, England. We have the personal touch but provide a professional service & can often source the most obscure items.


Need Excavating / Dirt Work in Colorado Springs and surround areas. Give Iron Summit LLC a call. He's an 'artist' with a skid steer...
Musical Instrument String SuperStore - 
If you need strings for your axe (what ever it may be) they probably have it!
 are sellers of restored historic, collectible Antique Trunks. We sell Antique and Vintage Steamer Trunks, Camelback Trunks, Jenny Lind Trunks, Rare Collectible Trunks of all kinds, and unique Wooden Cases, Steamer Chests, Tool Chests and Boxes. These wonderful trunks have often traveled across America and even the world! They are indeed a part of the American Legacy.
Chas at Rocky Mountain Refinishing and Antiques Inc. has been refinishing antique furniture in the Pikes Peak region for the past ten years. He has done numerous units for us and we are continually "blown away" by the finished results. Speakers that we thought there was no hope for cosmetically, he has brought back their former glory! If you have speakers that are in need of some structural / cosmetic TLC he is the guy. He can also take speakers that were originally covered in the cheaper wood grain vinyl and wrap them in real wood veneer. If you have Advent "Legacy" speakers that have the oak top plates split and warped, send them to Chas.
Also if you have any furniture, recent or antique with structural and / or cosmetic issues, he can bring those back to their full potential beauty as well.
   Great collection of vintage 1970's and '80's stereo / audio gear in the Netherlands.

                                                                                                        If it's old and "plugs-in", we're probably into it!


        The Peak Antler Company is proud to offer their line of Wildlife Art. Their antler chandeliers, antler lamps and antler home furnishings are hand-crafted from naturally shed antlers of white tail deer, mule deer, elk, moose, and fallow deer. All antler chandeliers and antler lamps are beautifully and structurally designed to produce a high quality functional work of art. All chandeliers and lamps UL Listed. Their styles and designs come from log cabin rustic lodge, western decor, and vineyard designs. They incorporate unique additions such as wine barrels, antiques, single tree's, beetle kill pine, and spruce root.
Authors note: These are hard working guys with great designs. Their design & manufacturing facility is adjacent to the Oak Tree Vintage warehouse, so I get to see the amount of old world, Craftsmanship that goes into each fixture. Sure you can get some "cheap" Chinese, molded plastic knock-off. These are the "Real Deal"!


- Classic Audio  ~  Service Manuals, User Manuals, 

Sales Brochures & More! "THE" source for audio owners, operators & service manuals as well as literature & brochures. We have ordered from him numerous times and his reprints are TOP NOTCH!!!
PS. Ask about...No, Order, his "Pioneer Audio Bible". The new 4th edition is just out. We own the 2nd edition, and it's one if the best "tools" we have ever purchased. Worth 10 times the price!!! Whether you're a legit audio collector / dealer or a "wannabe" selling away "junkers" on eB_ y,  you need this. It will help you squeeze more dollars per unit and will quickly more than pay for itself and make you even more money.

Ricks_Pioneer_system_web.jpg (16434 bytes)                         Ricks_Pioneer_system_web.jpg (16434 bytes)

Rhodes Super Site
- Great source of history and information for the Rhodes and Fender / Rhodes electric piano.

       Bob at Vintage Electronics has been, as his logo states, "repairing audio gear literally since before it was vintage". I have known Bob for many years. He appreciates "Vintage" gear and the value of it's condition and you can be assured that when a unit arrives to him for service, it will leave looking, working and sounding better than it arrived, and as close to new as is possible. He offers repair service on most brands of classic stereo equipment. Parts for the do-it-yourself projects are also available, most of which we do not carry at Oak Tree Vintage, including turntable belts, cassette belts, reel to reel belts, 8-track belts, lamps, turntable cartridges, pinch rollers, and many more parts and accessories. He also has a large selection of used stereo units for sale. These items have all been refurbished and come with a 90 day warranty. He specializes in Reel to Reel decks and even wrote a booklet on Sony R2R repair / Maintenance. --------   Check him out!!!


     VINTAGE SYNTH EXPLORER - The Vintage Synth Explorer is an ever-growing source of images, sound bytes, reviews and links for over 500 popular vintage and all-new synthesizers!  ARP, Casio, Korg, Moog, Oberheim, Roland, Sequential Circuits and many more...

     Silver Pioneer Stereo Collection - By John Weeks
                               Here's a fun site from a serious Pioneer fan.

Other companies we have done business with that go above and beyond for customer service and quality products / service;



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Vintage Audio Repair Resources

Guitars, Guitar Amps / Effects / Parts:  
Vintage / Used Guitar Amp Speakers   Ampeg SVT Woofers     Electric Guitars    Acoustic Guitars 
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    Record Players / Phonographs, Self-contained    
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Vintage / Used Turntables     Walkmans  

Hi-Fi / Home Audio Accessories:
    CD Box Sets     Chrome Rack Screws     NAB Hub Adaptors    Phono Pre-Amps      Rack Mount    
Reel-To-Reel Tape    Rubber_Reel_Clamps      Sorbothane Isolation Feet     Stereo "Necessories"     Turntable Cartridges  

Home Audio
Speaker replacement Parts:   
a/d/s (ADS)     Advent     Altec    American Acoustics Labs / AAL    AR   Atlas   B&O    B&W    
Bose    Boston Acoustics    Canton    Cerwin Vega   DBX     Dynaco    Empire   EPI    ESS    EV Electro-Voice   Fisher Speaker Parts    Goodmans   
  Infinity    Jamo   JBL    Jensen     Kenwood    KEVEK    Klipsch
   Lafayette    Mission    Olson   Philips    Pioneer    Polk-Audio    Realistic   
    Sansui   Snell Acoustics    Sony    Sound-Craftsmen    Technics   Telefunken    Wharfedale    Yamaha

Stereo Parts / Salvage Units:    ADC     Akai     Akai Speaker Plugs    Akai Speed Sleeve Replacement   Allied Speaker Plugs    B&O   
B&O Speaker Plugs  
 Barney Oliver Speaker Plugs   DBX   EICO    Fisher    Harman-Kardon   Heathkit     JVC     Kenwood    Lasonic    Luxman   
Nikko    Onkyo    Phase-Linear    Philips     Pioneer    Pioneer Speaker Plugs     Pioneer AC Cable     Pioneer SR-SG-RG Switches   
  Pioneer RT-707 Pinch Rollers
    Pioneer RT-909 Parts    RT-909 Pinch Rollers    Realistic    Roberts   Roberts AC Cord  
Rotel     Sansui     Sansui AC Cable     Sony     Sony AC Cable     Tandberg    Teac-Tascam     TEAC-AC Cable     Technics    Toshiba     
  Tube Chassis  

Pro-Audio / PA Gear 

Pro-Audio Salvage / Parts units / Reference InfoAPC UPS     Toa     Yamaha

Scooter Parts / Salvage Units:   
Honda Trail-70     Suzuki SP370    Yamaha XC-180 RIVA Scooter 

Misc Links / Departments:      8mm Projector AC Cable    Antler Lighting, Chandeliers & Lamps    Archives   
     Crosley Model Specific page     Used Camping Gear & Tents     B&H_Projector_Replacement_AC_Cord   Books New   
  Vintage Breyer Horses    Digital_Camera_Parts     New Electric Fans   New Decorative Fans    New Outdoor Fans   
Hoffman Skier Print
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Misc Parts & Salvage Items    Reviews   Used Silhouet-Tone-Spa gear    Slide-Projector_AC-Cord 
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  Vintage Cell Phones   Vintage Desk / Wall Telephones  
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