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Purveyors of Electronic, Musical and Vintage goods from then, now and in between. 
Since 1982.



Ordering information for domestic and international shipments.





                          ORDERING:  When you find the item(s)  you would like to become happily involved with

                 (ie; purchase, buy, own, etc.)
simply phone or email with any final questions

                 and to order
, or
  to finalize the payment / shipping  details.
Due to the uniqueness of

                 many of our products, some do not utilize a "shopping cart" or "On-Line Ordering".

                 Again just call or email us with an order for items that have no 'Buy It' button.
                 (For your safety, do not email credit card information, as it's not secure.)

Warranty Information - Click Here.


                          METHODS OF PAYMENT- DOMESTIC USA SALES: 

                               -BUSINESS AND PERSONAL CHECKS. (Allowing for clearance notification of course, which is typically 10-21 
                                 business days
. We do not get notice that checks have cleared, only when they don't which is typically 20+ days after depositing.
                                You are welcome to let us know from your end.

                               -MONEY ORDERS (Verified on our end)

                               -CASHIERS AND BANK CHECKS (Verified on our end)

                               - VISA

                               -MASTER CARD

                              - DISCOVER CARD

                               - AMERICAN EXPRESS

                               - PAYPAL (available on some items, and for amounts generally under $300. Will be shipped to address of record with Paypal)

Item(s) must be shipped to credit card billing address. 

                               -DIRECT BANK FUNDS TRANSFER ( An additional service fee will apply to this option )

WESTERN UNION WIRE TRANSFER ( An additional service fee will apply to this option )

                               -PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH

                               - NO C.O.D.'S.

                               Colorado residents must add appropriate sales tax to price of item. Sales tax will be calculated when final ordering

                               instructions are sent by us.


                            METHODS OF PAYMENT- INTERNATIONAL SALES: 

                                -INTERNATIONAL POSTAL MONEY ORDERS (Verified on our end)

                               -INTERNATIONAL CASHIERS AND BANK CHECKS (Verified on our end)

                               -DIRECT BANK FUNDS TRANSFER ( An additional service fee will apply to this option)

WESTERN UNION WIRE TRANSFER ( An additional service fee will apply to this option )

                               -PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH 

                                -NO C.O.D.'S.

                               -International buyers responsible for any and all additional taxes, duties, tariffs, and customs fees. 
                                (buyer should investigate these prior to ordering.

                                International shipping times may occasionally be delayed for customs inspections. That is out
                                 of our control.
                                Also, taxes, duties and customs fees in your country are the buyers responsibility.
                                Do not ask us to be 'dishonest' about price or contents of package as this can cause
                                items to be returned or confiscated and could lead to inquiries. .
                                Do not request us to value items at lower than invoice or mark them as 'gifts'.

                    RETURNS / CREDIT MEMOS / REFUNDS: 

                          No returns without prior authorization.  

                          Returns will be accepted if buyer contacts us within 3 days of receipt of merchandise to inform us of the

                          problem, and that buyer will be returning item(s) for exchange / credit / refund.

                          Refunds of 'original / vintage' items, shipped from Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC warehouse currently

subject to a 20% restocking fee

                          Up to a 30% restocking fee may apply to 'Drop Shipped' items, depending on our relationship with the

                         original vendor and / or their policies. (see the product pages for the applicable 're-stock' fee)

There may be no fee if merchandise is exchanged for another item of the same or higher value as long as the returned
                            item is still in 'As-New' / completely re-saleable as new condition, but again this may vary from vendor to vendor or by

. Buyer is responsible for all insured shipping charges to and from Oak Tree Enterprises, or the point of origination

                          -no refunds or exchanges on items marked consignment (c), clearance, final sale, auction items, or as-is.

Normal sale items can generally be returned for exchange / credit / refund (refunds

                           only available if exchange / repair is not possible or practical for us. Refunds and charge credits can take up to 45

                           days, from time of request due to accounting / bank procedures.)

                           -if an "exchange for credit"  memo should be issued, it will only be

                           available once on an original transaction.   Do not return any item without prior return authorization.

                           -credits should be used with-in 90 days.

                            -although the operating or functioning condition of an item may sometimes be indicated, 

                            it is not a guarantee or warranty of any type (unless a warranty is specified on the item).

                          Antler Lighting Products: Due to the custom made aspects of the antler products, once an order has been placed and

                         materials ordered for construction, no refunds of any part of their cost may be refunded. This includes initial deposits.

                         Antler products require a minimum of one half of retail down to begin construction. The second half is due upon

                         upon completion, prior to shipment (most are simply paid in full prior to construction and shipped as soon as finished.

                          If there is an issue or required change or future damage, we can work with the artists to rectify those issues to practical degrees.

                          Canceling an Order prior to shipment: A transaction can be stopped if called in before the close of business on the same

                            day the order was placed with no penalties / restocking fees and if item has not shipped.
We will promptly refund / re-route

                            your funds back to you. Beyond the close of the original order days business and / or before the item is packed or shipped,

                            there is a 10% cancellation / restock charge. Again, custom orders / manufactured items such as the Antler products are not
                            refundable regardless of the time

                            Your funds will be refunded, via a company check, or credit card refund in the case of credit card purchases, the full amount,

                            less the 10%. This will of course follow the time allowed for clearance of the original funds if check or similar instrument (ie: not

                            a credit card purchase) was used.  Once an item has been packed and shipped there is a 20-30% restocking fee (varies by item type)

                            as well as original & return shipping charges. Packing & Shipping charges are not refundable.

                            Layaways / Hold's / Down Payments and follow up payments: Except for any additional time / custom preparation work

                            a unit required, these follow the same procedures stated above. 20-30% restock fee (+ any additional custom / preparation work),

                            unless funds are applied to another unit of equal or more value (again, there can be exceptions to this).

                           The down payment can also be kept on the books as a credit that you may also use in the future towards something of

                            equal or greater value. Any amounts applicable to custom / additional preparation work done to a customers specific

                           needs are not refundable (Custom work can include, but not be limited to the following: circuit modification, custom finish work,

                           custom packing, custom parts ordering /   installation / building, etc.).

                         (Aluminum Christmas Trees, Color Wheels and Seasonal Items subject to a 30% re-stock fee). Trees and Color Wheels

                        cannot be returned for refunds or credit after Dec 1st.  Prior to that, tree and color wheel returns subject to 30% restock fee.

                        Shipping is not refundable.  After Dec 1st, trees and color wheels may only be returned for defective warranty replacements and

                         replacement parts, on the rare occasion a part should go bad.
  Packing & Shipping charges are not refundable.



                          We use Fed Ex and USPS.  Rush / expedited shipping may be available for additionally incurred charges.  

                           Shipping,  handling,  insurance, taxes and duties are buyers responsibility. We are very experienced at packing

                           fragile items for shipment. We will always insure item for it's full dollar value. Any damages incurred in shipment should

                           be immediately reported to us so we may assess and notify the shipping company. 

                          We photograph and document all shipments to eliminate shortage disputes. All credit card purchases shipped with

                          signature required for receipt.

                           Expedited Shipping: Expedited shipping may be available on the item you desire. The options and charges can usually be ascertained at the time the order is placed. We will do all that is within our power and practical to accommodate your time frame. The vast majority of items shipped via an 'expedited' method will arrive within the time-frame indicated and are often guaranteed by the shipping company, ie; UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. If you require and purchase expedited shipping on an item and it does not arrive by the originally indicated time, you may be able to request a refund on the 'shipping' charges portion. The 'shipper's guarantee' and 'relief / damages' extend to and are applicable only to the
actual and original shipping charges to your destination, charged through us by the shipper / shipping company.  Any expenses or charges associated with preparation, packaging, handling, 'off-day' ship surcharges, or any charges beyond the actual 'shipping' charges, charged through us by the shipper / shipping company are not refundable. Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC, nor any of it's companies, employees or agents are not responsible for any 'damages' of any sort you may incur as a result of tardy / missing / late / stolen / mis-directed packages. This includes costs you may incur for putting projects on hold, stalled photo shoots, stalled productions, key part installations etc.

           If you have any questions about the above, please contact us. Thank you.

We reserve the right to deny visitors as customers if we deem that they may be detrimental to our on going operation. We also reserve the right to terminate existing relationships with visitors or customers if continuing that relationship is deemed potentially detrimental to us, or our resources. Customers are those doing business with Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC.





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20-30% restock fee / service charge applies to all returns for refund depending on item specifics & / or individual distributor / drop shipper policies.
See our "
Warranties / Returns" page via the link below for more details.

$20. Minimum Orders

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