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Purveyors of Electronic, Musical and Vintage goods from then, now and in between. 
Since 1982.



Vintage Stereo Turntables: Serviced / Refurbished / Restored / Used / vintage stereo turntables & phonographs. Second-hand Record players for 33 1/3, 45, 16, & 78 RPM players by Technics SL, Pioneer PL series, Sony PS / TT, Sansui FR, Technics SL, stereo turntables & phonographs from the 1960's / Sixties, 1970's / Seventies, 1980's / Eighties.









        NEW LISTING 1/2/19
(click on above thumbnails to enlarge photos) 
CheckMarkSmall_web.jpg (792 bytes) warranty


Made in Japan
Circa 1976-85
for sale

Our technician has completely and EXTENSIVELY gone through and 'Certified' this unit which involves disassembly, cleaning inside and out and the balance of efforts listed below.

Every Electrolytic Capacitor was replaced with new, due to the 'green leg' issue that is common on this model (unfortunately that did not address an issue with a non-functional *pitch control (we've discovered this can be an issue with many of the 'pro' series Technics' tables))

We also replaced the internal 'micro-switch' for the pitch control (unfortunately that did not address an issue with a *'non-functional' pitch control)

Tested / analyzed and passed for motor noise and 60Hz hum.

As it's 'Quartz Locked', the Platter speed checked and verified for 100% accuracy with our factory test strobe disc.
Platter tested for 'true flat' with no 'run-out'

Stanton 680El VTF cartridge inspected, reinstalled and tone arm adjustments optimized for it

Tone Arm weighting and tracking adjusted for proper tracking with test tone record and O-Scope.

Output cables are High Quality, heavy shielded cables with GOLD plated RCA connectors

Original dustcover was VERY 'clouded' when it came in from pretty much 100% coverage of scuffs / scratches. While it's not practical to get to the deepest part of some of the scratches, my tech is a 'magician' with a multi-step 'sanding / polishing compound' process, and buffed it out to about 90+%. It looks GREAT now (above 'After' photos do not do it justice. It's hard to capture just how great it looks now with the camera / lighting). Structurally, it's perfect. No chips, cracks, splits. Hinge attachments perfectly solid. Original, all-metal hinges work perfectly and hold cover up-right.

Cartridge / head shell overhang adjusted using shop calibration scale (which also matched the one built-in to the turntable).

Original platter mat intact and supple
Unit tested with our myriad of test records, one of which included; Shures' 'Cartridge Obstacle Course' record
Unit spins accurately and with the exception of the 'pitch control' (if selected) plays flawlessly

Total technician time to restore 11+ hrs.

 You can readily connect this table to any receiver, Integrated amplifier with a standard magnetic phono input, or a Pre-amp. To connect to computer for burning CD's just order one of our inexpensive Phono Pre-Amps and cable kits.

Professional series, Technics SP-25, Direct-Drive, Quartz-Locked, Manual turntable. Very rare table, and first one we've had since I sold them new in the 80's (actually never stocked one, as they were too 'spendy' for our market at the time). From the original Technics SP-25 brochure,
"Steady Speed; Speed fluctuation due to load torque (caused by tone-arm or record cleaner drag) is virtually eliminated thanks to the elaborate electronic circuits...If you could place 100 tone-arms, tracking 2 g each onto this turntable, it would still rotate at precisely the chose speed...Large Turntable platter with Threefold Damping...Die-cast Aluminum Base exhibits excellent resistance to acoustic feedback (allows for higher volume levels from amps and speakers with much higher feedback thresholds than typical)"
Technics SP-25 Turntable Features:

- Professional Build quality
- Direct Drive platter
- Quartz Locked speed holds the platter speed 'rock solid'

- Separate 33.3 and 45 RPM User Pitch controls (when Quartz is switched off)
(again, the *'Pitch' control is non-functional on this one, and not 'practical' for us to rectify)
 - HEAVY, (4 1/2 lbs) Aluminum Alloy, Platter
/ mat combo
- Separate Power switch
- 33 1/3 and 45 RPM selection
- Technics SH-15B3 'uber-heavy' base
- AT ATP-12T Tone-Arm

Technics SP-25 Turntable Specifications:

Motor: Ultra Low RPM, Brushless, High Torque, DC motor
Turntable Drive System:
Platter Braking System: Electronic
Platter: Aluminum Die-Cast. 33.9cm / 13 11/32" diameter, 2kg / 4.4lbs (including rubber matting)
Starting Torque: 1.5 kg/cm / 1.3lb/inch
Start-up time: 0.7 sec @ 33.3 RPM
-56dB DIN A / Unweighted and -78dB DIN A / weighted
Wow & Flutter:
Speeds: 33 1/3 & 45 RPM
Speed Control: Electronic
Speed drift:
0.0% (up to 1.0 kg/cm

Technics SH-15B3 Base Features:

- Constructed of heavy rubber material that is 'acoustically dead' resulting in outstanding insulation against vibration either internally or externally induced
- 4x 'spring loaded' isolation feet
 for vibration dampening
- Thick, acrylic dust cover with all metal, spring loaded, hinges
- Rosewood wood grained, vinyl wrapped finish

Audio-Technica ATP-12T Tone-arm Features:

- 'Shallow-J', Tubular Tone-arm, alloy pipe tone arm w/ 1/2" mount standard cartridge head shell
- Adjustable Tracking force
BalanceType: Static balance
Overall length: 357mm / 14 3/16"
Effective length: 257mm / 10 1/8"
Overhang: 15mm / 5/8"
Head shell / Cartridge type:
Head shell fits Standard Half Inch mount cartridge (original Audio-Technica head-shell)
Gross Cartridge Weight Range: 3-~23 grams (including head-shell)
Tracking Force Range: adjustable 0-5 grams
Tone arm Type: Static balance type, straight arm tube, with Counter Weight

From the original Audio-Technica ATP-12T manual / brochure, "The ATP Professional Series tone arms have been designed specifically to meet the stringent needs of radio and TV studios, discos, libraries, theaters, schools, and similar demanding applications...Sealed horizontal and vertical ball bearing pivots insure smooth maintenance-free, movement...Precise, equilateral leveling base,...Decoupled counterweight shaft for arm resonance control...Low resistance, anti-corrosion, gold-plated connectors throughout."

Only a minor cosmetic issue; 'finish wear', mostly to the very corners of the base (see photos above). Only other issue with the table is above mentioned 'non-functioning' pitch control (only really necessary for a working DJ to 'match beats' when cuing between two tables, or for a radio station to speed up or slow down to fit a narrow time slot).
Again, our turntable tech has completely and EXTENSIVELY gone through this table (total tech time ~11+ hours), and following restoration was tested for speed accuracy, rumble, wow & flutter, noise isolation, and tone-arm function. Also, as stated earlier, the dust cover looks great following it's 'multi-step' re-polish process.
Table looks good, sounds and works great! Again, comes with an Stanton 680EL, Elliptically cut, diamond stylus, cartridge. Ready to play!! Includes an 'e-copy / pdf download' of the Technics SP-25 Owners / Users manual and brochure.
Measures 20.75" wide x 16" deep x 6.75" tall and weighs a
HEAVY 36 lbs unpacked. Comes with our standard 90 day limited warranty.

Cond. 8.5

(Cons. R.R.)

W/ SH-15B3 Base, AT ATP-12T Tone-Arm, Dust Cover, &
 w/ Stanton 680EL Diamond stylus cartridge installed

(Above text, in it's entirety, property of / Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC. See 'Copyright Information' page for details)




Tables with ceramic cartridges can be connected to any AUX, Tape input, CD input, Computer Sound Card input or any input on any receiver / integrated amplifier regardless of whether it has a phono pre-amp or not. 
Tables with ceramic cartridges and non-adjustable tone arms, are generally not recommended for critical listening situations, recordings and / or if your record collection is in above average condition and you want to keep it that way. If any of the previous criteria apply, you should consider one of the higher quality turntables listed above utilizing magnetic cartridges and fully adjustable, more critically designed tone arms. Please email or phone with any questions.


NEW LISTING 9/3/2021
(click on above thumbnails to enlarge photos)
CheckMarkSmall_web.jpg (792 bytes) warranty


Circa 1978-79

for sale

Original observations;
"No platter movement under it's own power. 'Automatic' arm functions very stiff when platter was manually manipulated due to varnished / stiff lubes. Belt stretched. Style broken off, and cartridge has hum, even with ground wire connected. Closed crack near dust cover hinge area. Pitch belt broken....All typical of 40-50 year old Duals"

  Our technician has completely gone through and 'Certified' this unit, cleaning inside and out, lubricating mechanism, adjusting tone arm lead out and testing performance.
Entire automatic mechanism COMPLETELY disassembled, de-greased, cleaned and re-lubed, (never an easy task on 'auto' turntables) including; the 'Actuating Slide and Pawl', and both plates.

'Speed Change' mechanism disassembled, de-greased, cleaned and re-lubed

All internal rubber parts reconditioned including, of course, the idler wheel.

#SM_860-1 Drive motor completely disassembled, cleaned and re-lubed.

Steuerpimpel replaced (this is a 'MUST DO')

Steuerpimpel glider pad in fine shape, and fully operational
Platter bearing disassembled, cleaned of old lube and re-lubed.
Gimbal bearing, counter weight and anti-skating all adjusted and verified for accuracy.
Tone arm Lead-In and Lead-Out.
Tone arm bearing perfectly smooth in operation.

Pitch mechanism belt replaced w/ #42-085

Original Dual Changer / Stacker Spindle inspected, re-lubed with 'dry lube' and EXTENSIVELY tested on multiple tables (see below)

He also replaced the anemic, factory RCA cables, with some much higher grade, fully / 100% shielded braids, interlink cables, w/ 24kt gold RCA connectors. The original RCA resin paper connection board was removed and the cable wires were soldered directly to tone-arm wires. 

AC / Mains lead replaced and ground wire installed and strain relieved properly

Re-mounted chassis in case w/ lock working properly

Table cosmetics detailed.

Crack near hinge area of dust cover plastic welded and is now solid enough to keep cover up.

Dust cover buffed for improved appearance, but is not 'perfect'. Still has a few 'battle scars', but with the welded rear cracks is perfectly servicable (actually looks very nice for 45 years old).
Original platter mat warp & bubble free.

Proprietary Dual 'cartridge sled' replaced, and had both mating contact sets burnished  (primarily to address 60Hz hum)

New Audio-Technica AT-95e, cartridge with Elliptically cut, Diamond Stylus, installed. Tracking and Bias force also re-set to 2.0g.

Tested / analyzed and passed for motor noise and 60Hz hum (once cartridge 'sled' was replaced and had contacts burnished!).

Speed checked and verified for accuracy with technician's factory test strobe disc.

Unit tested with our myriad of test records, one of which included; Shures' 'Cartridge Obstacle Course' record

Restoration entailed approx 11+ hrs w/ followed with about MANY hours of testing w/ many albums (mostly because we enjoyed having a 'quality' changer on one of the test stations to listen to).

As this turntable has a 'magnetic cartridge' (unlike most 'stacker / changers' which have 'crystal / ceramic / piezo' pickups) you can readily connect this table to any receiver or Integrated amplifier input. For a basic system, or wanting to get introduced or re-introduced to stacking vinyl records, this is a great table.

You can readily connect this table to any receiver (including 'modern / A/V / Home Theater receivers) or Integrated amplifier with a standard magnetic phono input, or an external Phono Pre-amp. To connect to computer for burning CD's just order one of our inexpensive
Phono Pre-Amps and cable kits.

 Plays 33 & 45 RPM records. Auto-Selects 7" or 12" record size based on speed selected (can be manually over ridden if you have 45 RPM LP's or LP 7" records. As stated above, this table has had EXTENSIVE refurb / restore work
(total tech time ~11+ hours). Cosmetically, the table looks great.

Following, and ONLY DUE TO the above restoration / refurbishment, the table starts as it should, and end's as it should with no 'end groove hang up'!  (While Dual purports stacks of 5 LPs as 'typical', normally you should typically only get about 3-4 on a stack with no issues, and you won't always get '6' to work, but... this table, #0527 was test played thru
25+ cycles and tested thru multiple stacks, with 6X LP's stacked with no issues!!! Occasionally you'll have a record 'hang up' or 'double drop', but that's almost always due to errantly drilled, elliptical or center holes that are 'too tight' in one of the records.
 Overall the table works beautifully and all functions now work GREAT! We also re-installed a
New Audio-Technica AT-95e, cartridge with Elliptically cut, Diamond Stylus,  and optimized the table for it.   (If you prefer an up-grade you may also choose from our selection of new Audio Technica cartridges that we can also set up and ship with it for the additional cartridge cost.) You can readily connect this table to any receiver, Integrated amplifier with a standard magnetic phono input, or a Pre-amp. To connect to computer for burning CD's just order one of our inexpensive Phono Pre-Amps and cable kits. Again, this table looks near new and works great!!
Service and Ready-To-Go DUAL 1242, fully automatic changer phonograph. While we've had a number of Dual tables over the past 24 years that we've restored (due to finally having a technician that's up to the task) this is the first 1242. We've actually owned it for years, but just got around to restoring it.

DUAL 1242 Features:
- Fully automatic operation
- Single play or Stacker / Changer operation (both 'single and LP 'stacker' spindles included with this one)

- Oil Damped tone arm cueing
- Spring suspended sub-chassis to reduce environmentally induced noise
- Adjustable Platter Speed control ('monitoring' via standard, fluorescent room light)
- 33 1/3 & 45 RPM speeds
- Low mass, straight, metal tube tone arm
- Dial adjustable head-shell varies the VTA (vertical tracking angle) about 4 for either 'stacking' or 'single-play'
- Standard 1/2" mount cartridge head shell
- Tracking force and Anti-Skating adjustable ('course' tracking by 'weight' and 'fine' tracking by 'spring')
- Bias / Anti-Skating adjustable
for either conical or elliptical stylus cartridges

DUAL 1242 Specifications:
High-Torque, Synchronous, 8-pole Motor
Drive: 'Vario-Belt' Drive
Platter:  Non-Magnetic, Dynamically Balanced. Weight 1.3Kg, 300mm
Pitch Control:  +/-6%
Wow & Flutter:
 +/- 0.04%
Rumble: DIN-B: >68dB
Tonearm: 8.75" / 221mm
torsionally tubular, aluminum arm, mounted on 4 point Gimbal type bearings.
Tonearm Bearing Friction: Vertical <0.008 gram / Horizontal <0.020 gram
Tracking Error: <24, 4'
Cartridge: Accepts all 1/2" mount with a gross body weight of 5.5-10 grams (incl. mounting)
Platter Starting Time from Stop: 
~2 sec @ 33.33 RPM
Power consumption
: 10W

Again, as previously stated, the table has just been completely gone through by our senior turntable technician and is "Ready to Go"! Following refurbishment / and final inspection / sign off, the table has gone thru a minimum of 25 play cycles, including a minimum of 6 plays of 6x record stacks. You will not be disappointed in this table for all around use. Comes with "Stacker / Changer" tall spindle and 'short / single play' spindle and a pair of 'up-graded' RCA interlinks. Measures 16.5" wide x 14.5" deep x 7" tall and weighs a 14 lbs unpacked. Includes our standard 90 day limited warranty.
DUAL 1242 #...0527
Cond. 8.5+++ (excluding dust cover condition)

Including NEW AT cartridge and Dust Cover

To connect to computer for burning CD's or to a modern A/V receiver that does not have phono inputs, just order one of our inexpensive $42.99 Phono Pre-Amps and cable kits.

(Above text, in it's entirety, property of / Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC. See 'Copyright Information' page for details)




Most of our turntables are 'component turntables', meaning that you connect them to YOUR EXISTING stereo systems' 'Phono Input' or (another input, utilizing an external 'Phono Pre-Amp'). DON'T have an existing component stereo system? Not to fear. All you need is a pair of powered speakers ('think' the small speakers that came with your computer), and an inexpensive Phono Pre-amp.
You probably already have a pair of 'computer speakers' you can use (or grab a pair on your next trip to a local thrift store), and we have inexpensive phono pre-amps for less than $40, including all the cables you need, that will work.

We've tested this set-up and it works great!  Give us a call for further info, or to order a turntable and the balance of what you would need.




Note: The "Changer / Stacker" functions will generally work best when used with pre 1980's albums due to the 
 larger center hole diameter of older records. They also can sometimes work with up to 4 or 5 albums and even 6 on some table / record combinations, 
 but generally function best with 3 or less stacked at a time. Occasionally a 'stacker / changer' will either 'not drop' a record, or may drop more than one at a time. The physics of the mechanism / record hold size and internal shape will be different on various records, and it's not, nor never was a 'fine science'. Having said that, stacked records will 'drop and play' in order, just fine, the majority of the time on a fully serviced / properly refurbished record changer / stacker.
 Also, for optimum performance, special a special stylus is required for 78 RPM records. While you will get sound from a stylus designed for normal / 33 / 45 RPM records, it is best not to use the same stylus for both 78's and that is used for 33 1/3's / 45's.






Concerned about how your turntable will be packed for safe transit.
You should be!!!
The vast majority of turntables shipped from individual sellers, especially the one's from on-line auctions, are damaged in transit due to inadequate / inappropriate packing.
It is VERY difficult to do successfully and most folks do not have the experience or materials to do it anything close to adequately.
Click here to see how we do it and what has worked for the past 12 years.

Phono_Turntable_Cartridge_Pre-amp_web.jpg (42281 bytes)



We are proud to announce the arrival of Audio-Technica turntable Cartridges to our line of high quality audio accessories. Their turntable Cartridges have long been recognized as some of the best quality available while still being one of the most affordable in the industry. 












       NEW ADDITION 11/4/19
(Click on above thumbnails to enlarge photos)

CheckMarkSmall_web.jpg (792 bytes) warranty

Circa 19

SOLD 3/27/2021

Our technician has completely gone through and 'Certified' this unit cleaning inside and out, cleaning out gelled lubes (a MUST DO on all pre-owned / vintage turntables) and re-lubricating mechanism investing ~6 hours of technician time!

 Internal Entire 'Auto' mechanism disassembled, cleaned of old lubes, and re-assembled with correct lubes

Tone-arm Auto functions restored, adjusted and tested.

Tone-arm lead In / Out adjusted.

Tone-arm cuing mech disassembled, cleaned and re-coated with 300,000 grade silicone damping gel

Tone-arm height adjusted

 Tone-arm 'lift height' adjusted.

 'Anti-Skate' mechanism, cleaned and re-lubed w/ silicone lube.

 Gimbal bearing, counter weight and anti-skating all adjusted and verified for accuracy.

Internal 'speed control' pots cleaned and adjusted for 'center' position on 'user / external' controls
 Speed checked and verified for accuracy with technician's factory test strobe disc against built-in strobe.

  'Quartz Locked' lamp / bulb replaced (requires complete disassembly of front panel circuit board)
 Original rubber mat, still supple and flexible with no hardening.

Entire table was cleaned inside and out.

Tested / analyzed and passed for motor noise and 60Hz hum

We also installed and adjusted a BRAND NEW Audio-Technica, AT-301, Elliptical cut Diamond, magnetic cartridge and optimized the tone arm for it.
You can readily connect this table to any receiver, Integrated amplifier with a standard magnetic phono input, or a Pre-amp. To connect to computer for burning CD's just order one of our inexpensive Phono Pre-Amps and cable kits. Again, this table looks and works great!!

Unit test cycled through 20+ LPs flawlessly.
Great quality Sony PS-X45, Fully-Automatic, Direct-Drive turntable.
Excerpts from original Sony Turntable Brochure; 
"As a typical direct-drive motor turns, the torque increases and decreases as a result of slots between the electromagnets. This wavering of force is called "cogging". Sony has eliminated cogging with the remarkable BSL (Brushless, Slot-less) motor. There are no slots, so the torque delivered to the platter is uniform and smooth...Ultra-low mass, straight tone-arm touts "low mass", "low bearing friction", and "low resonance", coupled with angled, 1/2" standard mount head-shell allows for wide selection of cartridge options. Plays 33 or 45 RPM vinyl....High quality Gimbal bearing allows for critical adjustment of cartridge tracking / anti-skating..."SMBC (Sony Bulk Molding Compound) cabinet / plinth is acoustically inert, to absorb the high-level, low-frequency sounds that normally generate acoustic feedback".
Well-built table delivers high quality performance. It's got a few minor 'battle scars' but nothing serious (see photos above).

Sony PS-X45 Turntable Features:

- Direct-Drive platter system for quick torque start-up operation (.5 of a rotation) and easier record cleaning
- Quartz Locked Speed
- "BSL" motor
- SBMC cabinet / plinth (
reduce feedback / extraneous resonances)
- Fully-Automatic operation
- Completely adjustable tracking and anti-skating force
- Ultra-low mass, straight tone arm
- Angled 1/2" mount quick disconnect head shell

- Repeat Function

- Plays 33 or 45 RPM discs
- "Silicone-damped" tone-arm cueing
- Record Size selector
- Fluid-Filled, Shock dampening feet (reduces audio feedback even at higher levels)

Sony PS-X45 Turntable Specifications:

Drive System:
Motor Type: BSL (brushless & slot-less)
Platter: Die-Cast, Aluminum. 310mm / ~12.25" and HEAVY at 3.3 lbs!!!
Speed Control:
Quartz Locked
Wow & Flutter: <0.025% @ 33 1/3 RPM
S/N: >78dB
Tone arm Type: Static balance type,
Ultra-Low Mass, Anti-Resonance, Straight alloy pipe tone arm w/ angled 1/2" mount standard cartridge head shell
Effective length: 216.5mm / 8.5"
Overhang: 16.5mm / 5/8"
Head shell / Cartridge type: Angled, Accepts all 1/2" "Standard" mount
Gross Cartridge Weight Range: 7.5-11.5 with standard weight, or 11-15 grams with extra weight installed (including head-shell)
Tracking Force Range: 0-3 grams
Anti-Skating / Bias Range: 0-3 grams

Audio-Technica AT301EP Phono Cartridge Specifications:

The Audio-Technica AT301EP phono cartridge offers P-mount T4P convenience, high performance and musical accuracy. It is a top quality P-mount cartridge and very popular with those seeking an affordable upgrade from the mundane. Furthermore, since the Audio-Technica AT301EP phono cartridge uses an elliptical stylus that is an industry standard, you have assured availability of stylus replacements for many decades.
Output voltage @ 1kHz, 5cm/sec: 5mV
Channel balance: 1.25dB
Channel separation @ 1kHz/10kHz: 26/17dB
Frequency response: 15Hz-25kHz
Stylus type: 0.4 x 0.7 mil elliptical
Stylus construction: Bonded
Cantilever construction: Alloy tube
Tracking force range: 1 - 1.5 g
Recommended load resistance: 47k ohms
Mounting: P-mount with a separate adapter for 1/2 inch mount installation

Very quiet, well performing table. Nice low profile and decent looking. All the "auto" functions work great following the EXTENSIVE refurb work outlined above. Great working and sounding table, and with the NEW Audio-Technica AT-301, elliptically cut, diamond stylus cartridge installed, it's...Ready to Go! Original feet, intact. Measures 17" wide x 14.25" deep x 5.25" high and weighs a respectable 7 lbs unpacked. Includes our standard 90 day warranty. 
Cond. 8

(Cons. R.R.)
SOLD 3/27/2021

w/ BRAND NEW, Audio-Technica AT-301, Elliptical Diamond stylus cartridge installed
Also includes, the often missing, EXTRA TONE-ARM WEIGHT INSTALLED
(sorry, no dust cover included with this one)

To connect to computer for burning CD's or to a modern A/V receiver that does not have phono inputs, just order one of our inexpensive $42.99 Phono Pre-Amps and cable kits.

(Above text, in it's entirety, property of / Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC. See 'Copyright Information' page for details) 








           NEW LISTING 12/14/16
(Click on above thumbnails to enlarge photos)
CheckMarkSmall_web.jpg (792 bytes)  warranty

Transcription Turntable / Schedule 51400/2
Made in England
Circa 1954-1964 (this one is likely 1961-63)
SOLD 6/1/18

This is pretty much the 'Holy Grail' for vintage turntables, and only the second we have had thru the shop in 19 years. This one is also a much better example than the first one we had back in '04. This one has the much coveted SME 3009 MK II tone arm (at the time advertised as; "THE BEST PICK-UP ARM IN THE WORLD"! and was the tone arm that was also typically spec'd for Connoisseur '2-spd' and Thorens TD-124 tables), and an optional, factory made wooden base. It also comes with an original ADC, Model ONE cartridge. It also has the typically optional, 'strobe marked' platter. It's pretty much got 'ALL THE NUTS'! FINALLY, our current senior technician was up to the task, and refurbished this one beautifully and CORRECTLY! (he actually owns the same version Garrard 301, with the exact same tone-arm. He loves restoring / working on these old British Machines!)
Our technician has completely and EXTENSIVELY gone through and 'Certified' this unit which involves disassembly (not an easy task on this table), cleaning inside and out, COMPLETELY DISASSEMBLING, cleaning and re-lubricating internal mechanisms and the balance of efforts listed below. Total technician time to restore 29 HOURS!

Table was completely disassembled down to the plinth  -

Internal mechanisms removed, disassembled, cleaned, inspected, refurbished as necessary, re-lubed as necessary and ultimately re-assembled 

Platter spindle bearing disassembled, cleaned, inspected and re-lubed.

Same was also done with the sintered, bronze bearing, which was still in fine shape.  -

Eddy brake actuator arm had all three iso springs replaced

Arm lift inspected / tested

Tone-Arm 'Bed Plate' has NEW, custom manufactured isolation / mounting rubber installed

SME 3009 MK II tone arm 'knife edge' bearing disassembled, inspected and cleaned

Rubber mat still supple and flexible with no hardening (does have a few of the typical, short, radial cracks from the spindle hole).

Platter drive motor disassembled, cleaned, re-lubed and reassembled  -

Idler tire was 'crack free' and only required our normal 're-surfacing' -

While the platter speed was 100% 'spot on', it was at the end of the speed control's travel. We corrected this by adding to the original magnetics so that it's now 100% when the control is positioned in the 'CENTER' of it's range.

Platter speed checked and verified for 100% accuracy with our factory test strobe disc following above work.

Platter tested for 'true flat' and no 'run-out'.

We installed 24kt gold plated RCA jacks on the rear panel, and are including a pair of much better quality RCA interlinks (as opposed to the original and 'fixed' anemic cables)

We installed 24kt Gold Cartridge / head-shell leads instead of the 'as found' 'soldered-on' wires that were connecting the cartridge to facilitate cartridge changes / up-grades in the future.

AC line / Power cord was replaced

Tested / analyzed and passed for motor noise and 60Hz hum.

Aftermarket, Audio-Vox, GB-3 'Walnut' (but looks more 'Teak') wood veneer case lemon oiled and looks great

We also reinstalled and optimized the tone arm for the originally purchased / installed ADC, Model One, magnetic cartridge.

You can readily connect this table to any receiver, Integrated amplifier with a standard magnetic phono input, or a Pre-amp. To connect to computer for burning CD's just order one of our inexpensive Phono Pre-Amps and cable kits.

Cartridge / head shell overhang adjusted using shop calibration scale.

Unit tested with our myriad of test records, one of which included; Shures' 'Cartridge Obstacle Course' record

Unit test cycled through MANY LPs flawlessly

This was a 'one owner / consumer / audiophile' owned unit and was not used commercially. The only issues that we did not correct for was the single owner inscribed his id info on the plinth top (left, rear corner mounting 'ear') and underneath and laterally on the tone-arm (see photos above).

Turntable Motor: Shaded Pole Induction in heavy cast casing, suspended on six tensioned springs. Magnetically screened.
Turntable Drive System: Idler Tire
Platter: 12", 6lbs, Die-cast, Accurately Balanced', 3-Speed Stroboscopically engraved (this was originally an upgrade for additional cost)
Speeds: 33 1/3, 45 & 78 RPM (adjustable)
Plinth Construction: Diecast Aluminum
Platter 'Spool-Up' time: 4-6 sec.
Pitch Control Range: +/- 3.5-4%
Wow: <0.2% WRMS
Flutter: <0.05% WRMS
S/N - Rumble: "Almost non-existent"
Platter Spindle Bearing: Oil on Sintered Bronze bearing surface

Tone arm Type:
Angled Aluminum Pipe, 'Wood Lined' to reduce resonance. Tone-Arm on 'Knife Edge' vertical bearing mechanism. Lateral / Pillar bearings are "high precision" and totally enclosed against dust.
Effective Arm Length: 9"
Bias Adjusment: via 'hanging weight'
Tone-Arm Bearing Friction: 0.020g
Cartridge / headshell type: Standard 1/2" mount
Cartridge weight range: 5-20 grammes
Tracking Force Range: .25 to 5 grammes
Arm Lift: Fluid Damped Mechanism

Cartridge Design: Moving Magnet, Standard 1/2" mount design -
Stylus Type: Diamond Stylus
Output voltage: 7 mV
Recommended loading impedance: 47K ohms (standard, requires only standard phono pre-amp built-into most gear).
(sorry, no more avail info at this time on the ADC-1 cartridge)

If you're looking at this then there's not much we can tell you that you likely don't already know. It is the "Oil Bearing" version, with the originally, optional / upgrade, strobe marked (60Hz), 5 lb aluminum platter. And again, it just had the above itemized restoration and is ready to go. In BEAUTIFUL condition all around. Original White Enamel finish on chassis in great shape. The VERY SOUGHT AFTER SME 3009 Mark II tone arm is in equally great performing shape. The tone arm includes 'one' of the "Rider Weights". For excessively heavy cartridges, you may need to source an additional "Rider Weight" (not sure why anyone would want to run and 'excessively heavy' cartridge). Table comes up to speed in about 3-4 revolutions (very heavy 5 lb cast aluminum platter) and stays on. Motor runs perfectly and is "Dead" silent for noise. This table is likely from 1961-63, based on it's serial, and production quantities over the years this model spanned, and the edition of the manual. Based on the condition of the idler and the bronze bearing, it has seen little use in it's life. Owner took immaculate care of it and the entire system. Comes with all of it's original paperwork, including the 'brown, hard cover Garrard 301 Transcription Turntable Owners / Users manual, original Motor inspection report,  the SME 3009 mk II owners manual and alignment protractor, and the owners manual for the ADC Model One Cartridge and more!
Measures overall 17.5" wide x 15." front to back. Table has our standard 90 day limited warranty.

Garrard 301
Transcription table
Schedule 51400/2 Oil Bearing w/ SME 3009 MK-II
Cond. 9.0++

SOLD 6/1/18

(Cons.) R.R.

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Here's a place to download a printable strobe disc for testing your turntables speed, if you don't have a built in strobe.

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