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Purveyors of Electronic, Musical and Vintage goods from then, now and in between. 
Since 1982.



SPEAKER REPAIR / REFOAMING / RECONING / RESTORATION Resources. Links to Speaker repair shops in the US and Canada and abroad. "Resources for repairs vintage & new, home, pro, guitar / bass amp speakers. DIY speaker repair resources for speaker 're-foam' / re-surround kits and speaker replacement parts.



It is VERY difficult to find folks willing to work on "vintage" electronics,
primarily due to parts availability and the lack of techs. This is mostly due to a market drive to cheaply made, disposable electronics over the last 20 years. "Blame Mr. Cheapskate Consumer" who only wants to buy his electronics at the same place he buys his 5 gallon tub of Mayo for that one. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox for a couple minutes. Unfortunately we don't have the resources to do any outside repairs but....

SPEAKER REPAIR / Re-Edging / Re-Coning / Re-Foaming SERVICES:

Contacts for speaker repair shops we are aware of, that repair / recone / refoam / resurround speakers...

Speaker repair / restoration in Alabama / AL.;
Birmingham, 'Dixie Speaker'  Phone: (205) 833-0766 Email:  3229 Veteran's Circle, Suite 103, Birmingham, AL 35235
are a full service speaker reconing/refoaming/service center in Birmingham. They stock 1000’s of foam and rubber surrounds.

Speaker repair / restoration in California / CA.;
California, Camarillo, 'Sir Round Sound', 

, San Jose, 'SerTech Electronics'
 Phone: (408) 267-3288
Servicing Stereo Receivers, Amplifiers, Guitar Amps, Tuners, EQs, Turntables, Cassette Decks, Reel to Reels, Speaker re-coning / re-foaming, Tube Radio Repair. Also most video gear; TV's, Flat Screens, VCR's & DVD's. Specialize in Tube Equipment by brands such as; Air Tight, Altec, Audio Research, Blue-Ox, Dynaco, Fisher, Fourier Components, Golden Tube Audio Graaf OTL, Heathkit, Jolida, Harmon Kardon, Marantz, McIntosh, PS Audio, Scott, Sonic Frontier, Tenor OTL, VTL and most others.

California, Costa Mesa,  'Electrotech Service', Phone: 949-295-0815 email;
They do
Repairs on most Modern and Vintage Stereo speakers.

California, 'Orange County Speakers',

California, Redwood City, (San Francisco Bay area). 'R&B Electronics Service Company',  (their contact information is on their website)
Since 1974! From their website, "The best equipped, professionally staffed repair facility in the San Francisco Bay Area with the largest and varied parts department, and service manual library in the business for new and old audio and video equipment, consumer and professional. Complete audio and video repair and calibration on all makes and models. Installation, house and field services available on all products serviced. We service professional, commercial, and consumer equipment from the oldest vacuum tube equipment to the latest state-of-the-art equipment" They can / may offer house-call / delivery / pick-up of your larger items such as console stereos. They specialize in repair of modern and vintage, solid state and tube, audio electronics and stereo gear as well as complete speaker repair requiring either 're-foaming / re-edging' or complete 're-coning'. They can also re-cover speaker grills.

Speaker repair / restoration in Colorado/ CO.;
Colorado, Colorado Springs 'Speaker Shop', Contact Bob 
Repair, modification and restoration of antique, vintage and modern audio and video equipment including speaker re-coning / re-foaming. Able to accept 'shipped-in' repairs.

Denver  'National Speaker',  Phone: (800) 748-2213
"Since 1955, National Speaker has been the premier speaker repair and reconing shop for Denver and the Rocky Mountains. That’s why our reconing center is the factory authorized warranty station for major speaker and electronic manufacturers including Electro-Voice, JBL, Bose, Altec, Guass, Yamaha, Cerwin-Vega, and McCauley." They can recone / repair most other brands as well.

Denver  'Speaker Repair of Colorado',  Phone: 303-778-1617

Speaker repair / restoration in Connecticut / CT.;
, Litchfield, CTApproved Audio Service, Inc” Litchfield Commons (on Rt.202), 49 Commons Dr. Litchfield, CT 06759, In rear, behind WZBG  PH; 860.567.5801   Email;  
Capable of most Vintage Speaker Repairs such as re-foaming / re-coning. Shipped in repairs possible, but contact them first. From their website; "Unlike many refoam-only services, we will repair whatever may be wrong with the driver. With older drivers we typically see problems in addition to rotted foam, including problems with the voice coil and speaker suspension. All problems are addressed in the reconditioning process. Also, there are many different types of foam. Not all foam surrounds will work well on every woofer. We have many different foam products available to match the original type used. Also, we can custom-cut foam for odd sized and shaped woofers.
We can repair the B&W 801 woofers, which are no longer supported by B&W, as well as most other high-end speakers and subwoofers.
We also repair the KEF 103 and 104 series speakers with the internal woofers.

Speaker repair / restoration in Florida / FL.;
Ft. Lauderdale, 'Lakes Electronics'  Phone: 954-749-6100

Florida, Gainesville, 'Sound Ideas Stereo'  Phone: 352-378-0192

, Melbourne “AudioTronics” 319 Poinciana Dr. Melbourne, FL. 32935     PH; 321-242-0450   Email;
Specializing in Vintage audio / Stereo repairs. They also can repair, re-foam and re-cone most speakers. Shipped in repairs possible, but contact them first.

Speaker repair / restoration in Illinois / IL.;

Arlington Heights 'Midwest Audio' , email;
  website:  Phone: 847-640-1890   774 W. Algonquin Rd.Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Midwest Audio
' has been servicing electronic equipment for over 30 years.  They service professional, commercial, and consumer audio and video products.  They can do most repairs on consumer and pro audio gear, as well as some video. They do not 'shy away' from 'vintage audio' repairs, including  passive or active speaker.... both 'home' and 'pro', speakers, including 're-coning'.
You do not need an appointment to bring your equipment in for service.  If you would like an estimate, there is a fee, which is applied towards the repair and is paid up-front by cash or check.  They also offer a rush service for those in need of their equipment ASAP.  They are able to make 'house calls' (for and additional charge) to service that 'old console stereo'! You may also 'ship in' repairs (PLEASE CONTACT THEM FIRST!!!)
are not a parts distributor and do not sell electronic parts. SEE THEIR WEBSITE FOR FULL DETAILS / CONTACT INFO

, Chicago, "Martroy Electronics Inc."  Phone: Phone: 773-776-7000    
Martroy Electronics, Inc. offers Repairs and sales of New and Vintage speakers including re-foaming / re-coning and are a warranty service station for speakers by EV, JBL and Cerwin Vega.  

Speaker repair / restoration in Kansas / KS.;    

Missouri, Overland Park / K.C. "The Electronic Center / K.C. Stereo Repair"  7113 W 79th | Overland Park, KS 66204 PH: 913-649-5000
They do repairs on vintage and modern speakers, including re-foaming and re-coning as well as repairs and restoration on most other vintage and modern audio gear. They can also accept 'shipped-in' repairs (contact them first).

Speaker repair / restoration in Michigan / MI.;
Michigan, Birmingham 'Birmingham Television Co., Inc.' Modern & Vintage, Consumer Audio repairs. Phone: 248-646-2035
After years in the biz, The folks at ''Birmingham Television Co., Inc" are able to do repairs on most types of classic / vintage audio as well as modern 'mid-Fi', 'Hi-Fi' and 'Audiophile' AUDIO gear including most speaker repair. Member of NESDA.

Michigan, Grand Rapids, 'Blackies TV' Modern & Vintage, Consumer & Pro-Audio repairs.

Servicing / Repairing Stereo Receivers, Amplifiers, Guitar Amps, Tuners, EQs, Turntables, Cassette Decks, Reel to Reels, Speaker re-coning / re-foaming, and most consumer audio equipment. Also service Video gear such as Beta VCR's, VHS as well as TV's, Flat Screens and DVD players. Also repair / service Pro-Audio / PA gear, guitars and keyboards / synthesizers. They can even service film projectors.

Michigan, St. Joseph "Sound Advice"  Phone: 269-429-2545  3348 Niles Road, St. Joseph, MI. 49085
Mike at Sound Advice has been working with 'Vintage Audio' gear before it was "Vintage", starting in the late 1960's. Servicing / Repairing Stereo / Hi-Fi gear including Speaker re-coning / re-foaming / repair / crossover work etc., and most 'quality / vintage' consumer audio equipment. In some instances, they can do local 'house calls' / pick-up / delivery.
 They may be able to accept 'shipped in' units for repairs. Contact them first.

Speaker repair / restoration in Nebraska / NE.;
Nebraska, Omaha, "Millard Electronics Inc." Phone: 402-895-4242
Since 1969, Millard Electronics, Inc. offers Repairs and sales of New and Vintage consumer / Pro audio. They do speaker re-foaming and re-coning as well as repairs and restoration on most other vintage and modern audio gear. They also accept 'shipped-in' repairs (contact them first). See their web site for details.

Speaker repair / restoration in Nevada / NV.;
Nevada, 'Reno / Taho' area, 'Golden Gate Electronic Repair',  Phone: 775-298-2815
Repair, modification and restoration of antique, vintage and modern audio and video equipment including speaker re-coning / re-foaming. Able to accept 'shipped-in' repairs.

Speaker repair / restoration in Ohio / OH.;

Ohio, Canton (North Canton)
'Orban Audio Repair', Specialize in Speaker / Driver Repair. From their website, "Orban Audio has been serving customers in Ohio including Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and all across the United States for over 30 years! We repair all types of speakers. Woofers, subwoofers, mid-range, tweeters, coaxial, full-range, speaker diaphragm replacement....Crossover Repair and Upgrades, Magnet Repairs, Speaker Grill Cloth Refurbishing, Vintage Speaker Repair/Refurbishing, Lead Wire Repair"

, Cincinnati,  124 Burkhart Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45215 Phone: 513-761-8888 or 1-866-584-4110 toll free Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm
“Volume Electronics, LLC” We repair all makes and models and offer repairs on both recent and 'Vintage' electronics. Servicing and repair on most speakers and components including driver re-foaming and re-coning services. 'Shipped-In' repairs are also possible with advance notice.

Ohio, Columbus; 'Abell Audio',  Phone: (614) 299-2383

Ohio, Columbus, "Stereo Lab Service" 
We have over 75 years of combined experience between us. We do repairs on Home audio electronics including Speaker reconing and foam surround replacement. Authorized recone center for:  JBL consumer and JBL Professional, Electro-Voice and Cerwin-Vega

Speaker repair / restoration in Texas / TX.;
Tennessee, Columbia "Custom Electronics"
Phone: 931-374-1981

Texas, Austin "TexasSound",  Their phone number and general location is on their site.
General speaker repair and restoration including re-foaming. We work on most popular, and major brand names as well as several eclectic brands. Here is just a brief list of some of the brands we cover; Advent, Altec-Lansing, Boston, Acoustic, Bose, Bozak, B&O, B&W, Dynaco, Electro-Voice, Epicure, ESS, Genesis, Infinity, JBL, KEF, Klipsch, KLH, Pioneer, McIntosh, and, MANY, MORE…

Texas, Dallas / Bedford  'Dallas Vintage Audio' Dan @  email:  209 Bedford Rd, Bedford, TX. 76022 Phone: 817-280-9246
Dan at ‘Dallas Vintage Audio’ can handle most repairs and some restoration / refurb work on about any type of vintage ‘home’ audio / vintage stereo speaker including 're-foaming' but not 're-coning'. They are able to accept ‘shipped in’ repairs as well (of course contact them prior to sending unit in for repair). Walk in traffic welcome.

Texas, El Paso "Howell Electronics", 
Phone: 1-888-898-0458

Speaker repair / restoration in Virgina / VA.;
Virginia, Springfield
'Music Technologies' Inc. @  Phone: 703-764-7005

Virginia, Action Electronics. @  Phone:
(757) 229-1880  1507-C Richmond Rd. Williamsburg, VA. 23185
Bob at Action Electronics has been repairing audio / stereo gear at the same location since 1972.
He has been working on this type of gear, almost a decade before 'classic audio' was manufactured. I've spoken with Bob a few times, and I can tell, he 'has been around the block', speaking of circuit board details on specific units, that only comes from extensive experience. Stereo Repair and restoration of Vintage / Classic audio Speakers. Can do speaker trouble-shooting, driver replacement, re-foaming / new surround installation, and crossover repair. Also repair of some current audio equipment such as CD / DVD / DAT players. NO video, or TV's. Light Industrial Electronic & Electro-Mechanical Repair, Electronic Troubleshooting and repair at the component level.

Wisconsin, Madison, 'HiFi-Haus' | Phone: 608-819-6276
They do some Speaker Repairs which can include re-foaming and re-coning.

Wisconsin, Manitowoc, 'TEAM ELECTRONICS / M&A Electronics, Inc. (dba "Team Electronics")'
2705 Calumet Ave. | Manitowoc, WI 54220 | Phone: 920-684-3393
Hours: Weekdays 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturdays / Sundays: Closed

They do repair of both modern and vintage audio electronics / stereo and can do some speaker repairs including crossover repairs and re-foaming with limited re-coning services.

Speaker repair / restoration in Canada;
Canada, Windsor Ontario, "The Entertainment Center"
Specialize in Speaker repair / re-coning, vintage "non-mechanical" audio repair & Pro-audio.

Speaker repair / restoration in Ireland;
Ireland, Dublin, "Pro Audio Repairs"

Professional repairs on Pro-Audio equipment. Speaker re-cones / re-builds / repairs.

Speaker repair / restoration in New Zealand;
New Zealand, Wellington, 'Cowan Audio Services
‘The Audio Doctor’ at Cowans Audio Service can service most any brand of hi-fi / audio gear such as Accuphase, Arcam , Cambridge, Hitachi, Kenwood, Leak, Luxman, Marantz, Musical Fidelity, Pioneer, Quad, Rogers, Rotel, Sansui, Sony, Yamaha plus more…. and anything from the 1960′s/1970′s/1980′s/1990′s period – Transistor or Valve/Tube – its not a problem for the Audio Doctor.

DIY Speaker repair / refoam kits / re-surround kits / crossover kits /
speaker building kits / supplies

California, 'Orange County Speakers',  GONE

Ohio, 'Parts Express',

These are links around the US and a few in Canada and abroad that we are aware of that can potentially do repairs on "Vintage" Electronics. Always check them out independently on your own. Some may have the ability to accept shipped units. 



Hope this info helps. Keep checking as we never know from day to day what will arrive. Good luck

PS. The above contacts are merely contacts we have amassed. You would need to contact them directly with your needs. They may or may not choose to take on your project based on many factors. We are not endorsing their services in any manner and any business you choose to pursue with any of them is at your risk / choice.
If you are one of the above listed companies and want to modify your listing, or to be added to a category change, categories, or be removed from the page completely, feel free to contact us.

If you would like your repair facility listed and feel it would be a 'good fit' for the page, feel free to contact us.

One of the most important aspects to sending a unit off for repair  or restoration, is to POSITIVELY INSURE that it has been packed sufficiently & appropriately for safe transit. You must also inquire as to the ability of the business that repairs / restores the unit to do the same. This cannot be assumed. Even professional packaging companies may have 'new hires' that are not experienced in packing, 'high-mass / fragile' electronics for safe transit, so you must ask detailed questions as to the packing methods that will be utilized and ascertain that they will be sufficient.
 While transit damaged units are great for our parts business, almost all damage to shipments is due to inadequate packaging. They are not making most of these vintage units anymore, and it's a real shame when we loose another piece, un-necessarily to unprofessional packing. You know it's going to get 'rough handling', dropped, kicked, ran over, shot at, and probably involved in a F5 tornado somewhere along the way,



If you are a repair facility and wish to have your contact information added, modified or deleted, please feel free to contact us via email with a thorough explanation.


and changes may not be posted to web immediately


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