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Resources for Repair and Restoration of antique / vintage electric fans. Some are Specializing in the repair and restoration of antique fans. Some may also have parts / spares for vintage and antique electric fans, such as replacement bearings, switches, blades, cages / guards, cloth AC power cords and wires, and more. Many are able to 're-wind' burned up / out motors as well.



These are links around the US and abroad that we are aware of that can potentially do repairs and restoration work on 'Vintage / Antique' Electric Fans. This is not just another 'Ad Farm' site! We have checked out some of these contacts ourselves, but always do your own independent research before having repairs undertaken.


Links to repair shops in the US below....


It is VERY difficult to find folks willing to work on "vintage" Electric Fans, primarily due to parts availability and the lack of techs.
Electric Fans from the early to late-middle 20th Century can be wonderful things and are generally built to last many (as in 50+) years or more. However, there are some aspects of them that time and use (or the lack of) is no friend. Rubber / Plastic parts (not many 'plastic' parts on the classics), cloth parts and lubricants do degrade over time. The moving parts always rely on lubricants to function properly and there are commonly a rubber parts / components as well. Most 'vintage' or 'antique' fans you see available today, were originally sold from the early1900's through the early 1960's. Thus at best, one of the 'classic' electric fans is probably at least 40 years old and more likely 60+. Interesting things happen to 40+ year old lubricants and rubber parts. Lubricants actually coagulate and will cause "close tolerance" parts to seize or freeze up rendering them immobile. Rubber parts can become brittle and cracked, only to break when a the part is manipulated or the unit is started up. The rubber can also revert back towards it's natural state and become a gooey tar. AC cords have most certainly lost some if not all of their insulating qualities and are therefore 'un-safe'.  Virtually every used fan out there will need and require 4-18 or possibly more hours of technician time to be brought to a minimum of "usable" state or a 'fully restored' state. Simply 'repairing' an obvious symptom, is typically not enough to address the issues a machine may have to any degree of usefulness. The main 'fix' for a 40-80 year old fan (or any electro-mechanical device for that matter) is to have 'the clock rolled back' on it.

Most of these folks should be able to assist in the repair / restoration of your 'Vintage / Antique' Electric Fans by brands such as; Adams-Bagnal "Jandus" fans, Air-Castle, / BERSTED MFG "ESKIMO", Barber-Coleman Electric Fans, Century, Command-air electric fans, Crocker / Curtis electric fans, Antique Dayton desk and Ceiling Fans, Vintage Diehl Ceiling Fans, Dominion, Fresh'ND AIRE (not Fresh-n-Air), GENERAL ELECTRIC / GE "VORTALEX" Electric Fans, Kwik-Way, Peerless, Emerson electric fans such as the famous 'Silver Swan' models, Galvin Electric Fans, Gilbert, Hunter-Century "ZEPHAIR" Electric Fans, Kenmore electric fans, Knapp-Monarch, MASTERCRAFT, McGRAW ELECTRIC CO., Menominee electric fan, Montgomery Wards 'Kwik-Kool' fans, Phil Rich 'Windmaker', Polar Club Electric Fans, REX-RAY / Rexall Drug Company, ROBBINS & MYERS / "R&M" Electric Fan repairs, Roto-Beam Fans, Sampson Electric Fans w/ 'Safeflex' rubber blades, Signal and Signal-Junior fans also known as 'Cold-Spot', Singer 'Ribbonaire', StarRite, SUPERIOR ELECTRIC PRODUCTS CORP., Sea-Breeze, Vornado, Victor, Victron, Wagner Electric, Westinghouse, Wizard and most other brands of electric fans.


Antique Electric Fan
Repair / Restoration:

California, Costa Mesa,  'Electrotech Service', Phone: 949-295-0815 email;
can repair most fans, including antique electric fans and vintage fans. Fan wiring, bushing, bearing, switch repairs.

Michigan, Birmingham 'Birmingham Television Co., Inc.' Modern & Vintage, Consumer Audio repairs. Phone: 248-646-2035
After years in the biz, The folks at ''Birmingham Television Co., Inc" are able to do repairs on most types of antique / vintage electric fans. Member of NESDA.

New York, Wilson, "G.E.H. Electronics" "Electronic service and repair since 1972."
G.E.H. Electronics Service repairs recent and 'Vintage' electronics, offering service to the Wilson / Buffalo area. They can accept 'shipped in' repairs as well as 'walk-ins' with appointment. They are able to repair / restore most vintage / antique electric fans, including custom paint / re-finish.

Texas, Dallas, The Fan Man Shop 
They are able to handle most any repairs / restoration to antique electric fans, be it electrical, mechanical and / or cosmetic.

Texas, Keller, Vintage Fans 
 They have 'decades' of combined experience and can handle most any repairs / restoration to antique electric fans. They have a metal shop and are able to 'fabricate' many parts 'on the spot'.

They are able to handle most motor repairs, including complete rewinds. Most 'Refinishing' tasks will be no problem. They appreciate the 'build quality' of the vintage fans and will 'Do It Right"!
I actually heard about these guys from one of my customers, and they had done numerous fans for him. He was completely pleased with their work.

Wisconsin, Oak Creek, Vintage Fans  
 They specialize in vintage Vornado repairs / restoration and Vornado Fan parts and replacement decals. They are able to repair your Vornado Fan motor, blades, yokes, wiring, switches and more. They also have a couple Vornado electric fan wiring diagrams on-line.

Fan Parts:

Antique Fan Parts, Hickory, N.C.
Restoration / Repair supplies and parts for many different, antique / vintage electric fans. Cloth AC Power Cords / wiring, 'old style' AC plugs, screws, hardware, blades, cages / guards, switch parts, Brass-cast-bronze and Nickel blades and props, badges / Logos, bases, bodies, housings, covers, replacement motor parts. It's a 'salvage yard' for fans, and most parts are 'original' so probably in VERY limited availability. If you see the part you need, better 'buy it' before someone else decides to own it.

Antique Electric Supply 
Restoration / Repair supplies for all kinds of vintage electrical / electronic stuff. Cloth AC Power Cords, Brass and Nickel plating supplies, wrinkle paint finishes, Hammer-tone finishes, plastic parts molding supplies, Nichrome

 and lacquered magnet wire for rewinding motors, and more.

South Carolina, Aiken, "Hudsons Custom Machining",
Some Fan Parts


Texas, Garland "Jim's Restorations", Garland, TX.
Some original and reproduction fan parts available.

 'Sundial Wire' for Cloth AC Power Cords


Again, we do not do any work on 'customers' equipment here at Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC. We only restore and sell our own inventory. The above 'Repair / Restoration Resource' contacts are merely contacts we have amassed. You would need to contact them directly with your needs. They may or may not choose to take on your project based on many factors. We are not endorsing their services in any manner and any business you choose to pursue with any of them is at your risk / choice.

 These are links around the US we are aware of that can potentially do repairs vintage / antique electric fans. Always check them out independently on your own. Some may have the ability to accept shipped units. 
One of the most important aspects to sending a unit off for repair or restoration, is to POSITIVELY INSURE that it has been packed sufficiently & appropriately for safe transit. You must also inquire as to the ability of the business that repairs / restores the unit to do the same. This cannot be assumed. Even professional packaging companies may have 'new hires' that are not experienced in packing, 'high-mass / fragile' electronics for safe transit, so you must ask detailed questions as to the packing methods that will be utilized and ascertain that they will be sufficient.
 While transit damaged units are great for our parts business, almost all damage to shipments is due to inadequate packaging. They are not making most of these vintage units anymore, and it's a real shame when we loose another piece, un-necessarily to unprofessional packing. You know it's going to get 'rough handling', dropped, kicked, ran over, shot at, and probably involved in a F5 tornado somewhere along the way, SO PACK IT THAT WAY.

If you are one of the above listed companies and want to modify your listing, or to be added to a category change, categories, or be removed from the page completely, feel free to contact us.
If you would like your repair facility listed and feel it would be a 'good fit' for the page, feel free to contact us.
Hope this info helps.




If you are a repair facility and wish to have your contact information added, modified or deleted, please feel free to contact us via email with a thorough explanation.


and changes may not be posted to web immediately


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