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           NEW LISTING 9/29/17

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CheckMarkSmall_web.jpg (792 bytes) warranty
(but also makes a fine 'consumer* / stereo' unit as well, and is also capable of 'quadraphonic' reproduction / recording. Petty much does it all!)

10.5", 7" or 5" REELS
for sale

  Our technician has completely gone through and 'Certified' this unit.

  We have completely and extensively gone through the mechanicals and electronics of this unit.

 Transport was cleaned, re-lubed and reassembled

 Tape Tension arms disassembled, cleaned and re-lubed, and their springs adjusted and had fresh 500,000 grade silicone lube gel applied

 pinch-roller mechanism completely disassembled, cleaned and re-lubed,

 PR mechanism solenoid mounts adjusted

 Capstans / flywheels removed, bushings and axels cleaned and re-lubed

 Rubber pinch rollers removed, re-conditioned and re-installed with fresh lubricant

 Heads have been cleaned and de-magnetized as well as the entire transport.

 Brakes adjusted on fast wind modes also (optimized for 7" & 10.5" tape.)

 Back tension adjusted on both reel motors.

 All three motors test perfectly. Following above adjustments, Reel Start and Stop tested at beginning, middle and end of 7" & 10.5" tapes (VERY QUICK FAST WIND ON THIS ONE)

 Internal pots, switches and controls cleaned and tested for noise-free function

 We adjusted the VU meters mechanically and electronically w/ factory test tone tapes, as well as the internal playback and record levels.

 Both spindles in perfect alignment.

 We also adjusted the reel table heights.

 Heads in great shape as well, with many years of performance left in them

 Playback and Record Head alignment / azimuth was adjusted for peak performance with factory test tone tape and oscilloscope.

 Speed tested to 99.9+% accuracy following refurb (meaning that our 'verified' 1000Hz test tape now plays back at 1000 +/- 1Hz).
 Adjusted to record AMAZINGLY WELL at +2dB both with 1kHz, then 100Hz to 20kHz test and in 'Real World' use. (Tested with Ampex 456 and Denon Tape). (We actually used it to record a fabulous copy of Pink Floyds, "Dark Side of the Moon", 'Live version' from their "Pulse" album)

 Floor noise measured at >-60dB w/ blank tape, L&R

 This TEAC / TASCAM 40-4 functions, plays, and records VERY WELL (and we really put them through the paces, testing both with well mixed, recently recorded CD material and CD recorded / factory test tones looking for correct head Azimuth and speed accuracy).  (Total time investment in refurb / testing ~ 10.5 hours).

This is an amazing deck for both recording or playback, again of 'Half-Track / 2-Track' tapes for speeds of 7.5ips or 15ips. Following refurbishment, the deck looks and works great! 

The TEAC / TASCAM 40-4 '4-Track / Multi-Track / 4-Channel / 2-Channel, Reel to Reel tape deck. Ready to GO! This is one of the few reel to reel decks we get in that make it to our finished page.
Following our refurb / bench time it's now an AMAZING performer (Check the 'recording test results' above and the 'specs' in larger text below). If you're looking for a reel to reel deck to "actually use" here you go. Only about 25 % of the used Reel decks out there can be "practically" restored to working order. This one made it through with flying colors after about 11 hours of bench time.

The deck tests great! Cosmetically it's in good condition, with a few minor scuffs & scratches (see separate photo collage above). Looks decent and sounds great ! We have completely gone through it. Will play up to 10.5" reels.

TEAC / TASCAM 40-4 Features include:

- Half-Track + (Cue / Sync) / 2-Track / 2-Channel w/ Center Track head stack / tape format
- 3 Heads for instant monitoring of tape levels while recording
- 10.5" Max Reel Capacity (The BIG Reels!)
- 3 Motors for trouble free performance (has a lot to do with it still being a viable piece of gear due to less rubber parts)
- IC logic tape transport for "Touch" control
- Dual speeds at 15ips / 38cms & 7.5 ips / 19cms
- Cue Lever for lifting tape away from head in Fast Wind modes

- Input (Source) / Repro (Monitor) selector independently for each channel
- Output level control for each channel
- Four
Analog, back lit, 'd'Arsonval' movement, VU Meters
- Pitch Control
w/ 'touch sensitive' control to display speed variation by pct (%)
Digital Counter to display Hour, Min, Sec
- Tape Bias selector (however deck is factory biased for Ampex 456 Grand Master by default)
- Dual Memory Positions and Dual Locate positions can be set on counter (start points / stop points etc) + 'Auto-Return' point
- 'Tape Presence' sensor (for the 'auto-stop' mechanism)
- 'Dump Edit' function to disable transport for splicing

- VERY SECURE NAB hubs for 10.5 inch reels, and 'screw on' fasteners for 7" reels
- RCA and XLR 'Balanced' Line-Inputs for all three channels
- Punch-In / Punch-Out capability (with optional TEAC / TASCAM 8051 Foot Switch)
- Side 'Pocket' handles make carrying much easier (as it's almost 70 lbs!!!)

Accessory connectors for optional TEAC / TASCAM 4030 Synchronizer via a 8540 cable, and TEAC / TASCAM 4050 'Auto-Locator with 8440 cable and a connector for an external TEAC / TASCAM MB-2 Meter Bridge

As stated earlier we have completely gone through it cleaning heads and all else, lubing, adjusting, reconditioning pinch rollers and other rubber parts, demagnetizing heads and entire transport and testing everything. Tape speed tested and resulted in 99.9% accuracy using a 1000 Hz test tape. Plays and records Exceptionally well (and we really put them through the paces, testing both with well mixed CD material and CD test tones looking for correct head Azimuth, tape speed accuracy and making test recordings. Again, check the 'test results' listed above). Pinch rollers and heads all in GREAT condition!!! Very clean and GREAT! 

TEAC / TASCAM 40-4 Specs / Specifications from the owners manual as follows:

Head / Head-stack Format: 3 heads, inline (4-track, 4-channel (can also do 2-Channel))
Track Format: 4-track, 4-channel / 2-Channel, stereo/monaural/multi channel / Quadraphonic
Motors: 3X
Reel Size: 3", 5, 7 & 10.5" (3" & 5 reels may not brake correctly as deck is optimized for 7-10.5" reels)

Frequency Response w/ Ampex 456 Grand Master / 'High Bias' Tape:
40-20,000 Hz
3% @ 15ips.
40-15,000 Hz
3% @ 7 1/2ips.
Wow and Flutter: 0.04% @ 15 ips
S/N ratio: 65dB WTD / 60dB UNWTD @ 15ips
THD: <1.0% @ 1kHz / 0 VU
Crosstalk: >50dB @ 400Hz
Erasing coefficient:
>65dB @ 1kHz / +10 VU
Speed Accuracy: 0.5%
Starting Time: <0.5Sec
Record Calibration; 0VU reference to 3 dB above 180nWb/m of tape flux (adjustable)
VU Meters
; -20dB to +3dB VU range
 +4dBm Nominal / +24dBm Max via 'balanced XLR'.
-10dBV/0.3V Nominal, via 'Unbalanced' jacks with a load imp. of 20k Ohms or greater
Output Level Reference / Maximum: +4dBm Nominal / +24dBm Max via 'balanced XLR'.

-10dBV/0.3V Nominal, via 'Unbalanced' jacks with a load imp. of 10k Ohms or greater
Fast Wind Time: VERY FAST @ 120 sec for 2400'

This is a GREAT looking deck with UNBELIEVABLE PERFORMANCE. Probably the best sounding deck I've had the pleasure to audition (tempting to keep this one for myself...No, REALLY)
Again, as mentioned earlier, cosmetically it's in good condition, with a few minor scuffs & scratches (see separate photo collage above).  All of our restored / refurbished reel to reel decks come with a 7", plastic take-up reel, a 'known good' 7" tape for initial testing of playback, and a 7" tape you can record onto, all to assist you in becoming familiar with the operation / function of your new reel to reel tape deck.
Measures 19" wide x 20" tall x 11" (from tip of back feet-tip of hubs)
deep and weighs a HEAVY 66 lbs unpacked. Includes Rack Ears and original, TEAC / TASCAM NAB hubs for ALL tape sizes.  Comes with an 'e-copy' / pdf download of the
TEAC / TASCAM 40-4 owners / operations manual, service manual if purchaser so desires. Includes our standard 90 day limited warranty. (Reels & tape shown in photos not included. All are sometimes available separately if you need them. We do ship our decks with a plastic take-up reel, a tape to 'practice record' on and a 'pre-recorded' tape for playback.) 
Cond. 8.5+
(Reels shown in photos are not included, but we sometimes / occasionally have them for sale. Inquire at time of order.
However, all of our decks will come with 2x tapes for testing 'Playback' and 'Recording' as well as a 7" 'take-up' reel, and RCA patch cables for connection to your system

 (Above text property of / Oak Tree Enterprises, LLC. See 'Copyright Information' page for details)