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Welcome Back ... to Yesteryear

Hi everyone, Jerry from Oak Tree Vintage here.

  As a valued customer over the past 12 years I want to say thanks, remind you of my web site and let you know of some of the cool gear I currently have to offer, including some great ideas for the holidays.

Just a reminder, we are dealers of used, vintage and retro items, especially restored vintage Stereo and Hi-Fi gear from the 1960's-80's and much, much more. 

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Great Holiday and Gift Ideas

NEW Aluminum Christmas Trees - Made in the USA

Remember these? 
Bring the retro-warmth and magic of a classic aluminum Christmas tree to your home or office.
The Original Silver Tree™ will rekindle the nostalgia of seasons past with this stunning and unique holiday icon. Enjoy the retro appeal and its “metro-style” individuality as you decorate this Christmas season.

First appearing in the late 1950’s, the aluminum Christmas tree took the U.S. by storm, reflecting the nation’s growing fascination with all things technological and futuristic, later to be called the Space Age. The Evergleam Aluminum Christmas Tree soared to popularity through the 1960’s until finally going away for good in 1972. We have recaptured the fun and nostalgia of these past holiday icons with these hand-made, top-quality Original Silver Trees ™!

Color wheels cast constantly changing colors on the tree creating a dazzling effect – that final touch to put your aluminum Christmas tree over the top in unique style and retro appeal.

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The Crosley collection includes AM/FM radios, multi-functional audio cassette/compact disc players, record players and turntables, jukeboxes, music boxes, telephones and more.  Rich lines, retro designs and authentic crafting have made Crosley today's premier vintage-style radio manufacturer.  True to the Crosley tradition, these replicas are as fabulous as they are functional, providing a delightful dose of nostalgia.

Crosley Telephones

Crosley phones are an interesting example of the gradual evolution telephones made from function to form.  Authentically styled replicas pay homage to some of the most famous designs in history.  With an assortment including Candlesticks, Desk Phones, Pay Phones and many others, Crosley telephones are a conversation piece in any setting.

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Crosley Music Boxes



Crosley Ballroom Reproduction 1800's Music Box

This beautifully handcrafted wooden music box contains four  figurines that pirouette elegantly around a classic ballroom dance floor. A soft back light shines down on the figures as they merrily spin and glide while real "music-box" music plays - select from 8 holiday and 8 all time classics and watch as the figurines dance around the lighted ballroom. A glass-enclosed top allows you to view the inner workings of the authentic disc player.

Includes the following tunes:
8 Holiday Tunes - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Twelve Days of Christmas, Silent Night, Joy to the World, We Wish you a Merry Christmas, Jingle Bells, Hark the Herald Angels Sing & Deck the Halls.
8 All Time Classics - Oh! Susanna, Nocturne No.2, The Entertainer, Emperor Waltz, Beethoven Symphony No. 9, Blue Danube Waltz, Swanee River, & Moonlight Sonata.

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Crosley Entertainment Centers

Crosley Radios - The ideal solution when the goal is big sound in small spaces with the look of 'yesteryear'.  Crosley goes beyond that of conventional bookshelf radios, crafting each radio with precise detail and functionality.

Record Changers became a lifeline for many Americans during the 1940's, providing music and entertainment.  With today constantly changing, your record player does not have to be left behind.

Entertainment Centers - Play your entire musical collection with a Crosley Entertainment Center   True to original Crosley stylings, our Entertainment Centers feature hand rubbed wood veneer cabinets and quality components that only Crosley can deliver.

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Crosley Jukeboxes


Jukeboxes - With a sound that will knock your socks off and a body to go with it!  The jukebox as we know it has been a part of our culture for more than a century, carving out a niche as a musical marvel machine.  Having played an important role in the development of popular American culture, the jukebox is back and with some new 'techno' twists.  We invite you to explore the world of the Crosley jukebox.

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