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Fun Figurine Fans by Deco Breeze

All Deco Breeze Figurine Fans have now been discontinued in 2019

Dog - Bogey Electric Fan

Size: 11" Tall X 9" Wide
BOGEY DOG / DBF0179 now discontinued. Sorry.

Cat - Summer Electric Fan
Size: 12" Tall X 8" Wide
'SUMMER-CAT' / DBF0175 now discontinued. Sorry.

Dog-Fumble Electric Fan
Size: 11" Tall X 9" Wide
FUMBLE DOG / DBF0181 now discontinued. Sorry.

Cat - Katerina Electric Fan

Size: 12" Tall X 8" Wide
KATERINA-CAT' / DBF0176 now discontinued. Sorry.

These caricature and decorative figurine fans are not only fun and unique, but functional and built to last!
There are many fun figurine electric fan styles to choose from including caricature dogs and cats, flower vase, flower bouquet, calla lilies and more!

Fan Features:
    * Very well made, sturdy, metal construction. 
    * These quality electric fans are built to last.
    * Well-balanced blades for vibration free operation
    * 1 Year Limited Parts and Labor Warranty

Fan Specifications:
 * Size varies - see individual fan details
    * 30 Watt Motor
    * Metal construction
    * Approved tested to UL Standard 507

    * Priced From: $69.99 


Dog - Duke Electric Fan
Size: 11" Tall X 9" Wide
'DUKE DOG' / DBF0182 now discontinued. Sorry.

Flower Vase Electric Fan
Size: 23.25" Tall X 12.25" Wide

Bird of Paradise Electric Fan

Size: 24" Tall X 13" Wide

Dog - Fly Electric Fan
Size: 11" Tall X 9" Wide
'FLY-FISHING DOG' / DBF0178 now discontinued. Sorry.

Calla Lilies Electric Fan
Size: 24" Tall X 15" Wide
'CALLA LILIES' / DBF0253 now discontinued. Sorry.

Cat - Saute Electric Fan
Size: 13" Tall X 8" Wide
SAUTE-CAT' / DBF0172 now discontinued. Sorry.

Cat - Cheers Electric Fan
Size: 12" Tall X 10" Wide
CHEERS-CAT' / DBF0173 now discontinued. Sorry.




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