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Wood Types Used - Heartwood use uses both domestic and exotic woods. 

Currently, Heartwood replants approximately five trees for every tree they use. Our hope is that many of these trees will remain for the enjoyment of future generations and that some will be harvested and utilized upon their maturity.  Please read the Tree Replanting page for more information on Heartwood's tree replanting efforts.

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This West African wood is also known as African Rosewood.  The color can vary from reddish-brown with stripes of gold or purple.

Bird's-eye Maple
Grown mostly in the upper peninsula of Michigan, this creamy-white wood has a unique burl which looks like the eyes of birds.

A Brazilian wood of dark re color.  One of the many Eucalyptus that abundantly grow thoughout Brazil.

American cherry wood is one of the finest hardwoods domestically grown in the eastern USA.  Freshly cut cherry is a light blonde color that deepens with age to a rich, rosy-brown.

Closely related to Brazilian Rosewood, this exotic wood is grown in Central America and Brazil.  The heartwood may be a rainbow hue of red-yellow-brown with black streaks.

Hard Maple
Also known as Sugar Maple, Grows most prevalently in New England.  An extremely dense wood that is tightly grained and almost white in color.


This is burl bubinga with high figure.  Wood is then cut using a flat-cut or half-round method which brings out the wood's swirling pattern.

Madrone Burl
Grown principally in northern California and Oregon.  Varies in color from a pearly-pink to a deep red.  Madrone is a highly-figured and dense wood.

This African hardwood has a striking, deep-red color and tools remarkably well.

South American hardwood with a deep puple-violet color which matures to dark brown.

Quilted Maple
This wavy, highly figured wood comes from Big Leaf Maple trees that flourish in Oregon.  Almost white in color with waves of gold tones.

Varying in color from golden-brown to rich-brown with dark chocolate streaks, Teak's density and natural oils make it popular for use in boats and furniture.  Our teak is exclusively plantation-grown in Central America.

Also known as Yellow Poplar, this hard-wood has a yellowish cast and features dark streaks.

A domestic American hardwood which varies from grey-brown to a dark, purplish brown.  Walnut produces a greater variety of figure types than any other hardwood.  We use both longwood and Burl Walnut.


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