*Ok, so here's the deal on our 'As-Is' / 'As-Found' / 'For Restoration' units. The prices are firm and are more based from their 'pre-processed parts value'.  We are offering these “As-Is” units simply because they’re below our threshold of time-vs-effort-ROI at the time of posting. Any less than our published price and we'll go ahead and process them as "parts" and remove from sale or re-slate for future restoration by us as time allows.  At these values / prices, no more photos or testing will be done by us.

     Most or all of the following applies to us as well, EVERYTIME we start the refurb / service process on a unit. While we may sometimes (usually) state what functions / condition we observed at the time of testing, it is in no way a declaration of warranty (meaning; “we may have missed some $%#*”).  The existing condition we observed and documented is also no guarantee of ultimate viability following further service efforts.  It is only offered 'As-Is', without our normal *warranty and we won't have the time resources to 'improve' it in anyway.  The existing condition we observed and documented is also not necessarily indicative of the entire cosmetic / operational condition associated with a unit (there’s probably issues we didn’t or couldn’t see at the time).

     Restoring / refurbishing 'vintage / used' units properly is typically not an 'easy' process and if you are 'not' a technician or will be disappointed if a unit does not come all the way through to fruition, then you should probably purchase a unit that has already been restored to 'working' condition.  If you are not a technician and do not understand the potential dangers of working with electronic / electrical units, then DO NOT ATTEMPT repair / restoration / further service or even open a unit up. The voltages inside these unit can kill you and it will hurt the entire time you are dying!!!  Units should probably not be ‘powered up’ or used until, at least, a cursory check by qualified personnel has been done.

     Parts to restore / refurbish / service or 'further improve' the unit may or may not be readily available (most parts can be sourced).  Parts / units may or may not respond positively to further repairs (you might blow something up). Units may or may not have original parts. They may have missing, damaged, modified, dangerous / outdated parts etc. (most will not). Units may have evidence of past ‘non-factory’, incorrect, uncompleted, shoddy or dangerous repairs (most will not).

     These units are NOT intended for someone looking for a 'working' unit or thinks you can simply 'install a new belt', spray in some contact cleaner or change a light bulb and have a working component.  It typically requires 4-18 hours to bring most units / vintage components back to a decent level of function and utility for the 'long haul'.

     The pack / ship will be the same as for our 'fully restored' components so the reduced price of the "As-Is" unit has NO BEARING on the cost to pack and ship (which is typically somewhere between $45-$85 but can vary up or down from that range). shipped to most of the lower 48 states. Extreme Southern, North Eastern, or North Western locales will be slightly more.

     Bottom line; If you’re not up for the challenge either due to ‘lacking skill sets’ or ‘lacking funds’ to hire the work done, and need a unit to be more than a ‘shelf display’, then I would pursue a unit / component that has already been PROPERLY restored / refurbished / service with a ‘clean bill of health’. This goes for most of the units that are for sale on on-line Auctions and Classified ads. Occasionally there will be a unit ‘up for auction’ or on a classified ad that really has been service properly, but they’re generally a ‘single digit percentage’ of what’s out there available for sale.