This is a work in progress and I will add my snippets of "Jerry's wisdom", or non-sense probably to some people, as time allows.

 O a k   T r e e   V i n t a g e

- Populating Mars? - Just saw the PBS special. Who would want to live there? Seems to me that anyone born there would want to move to Earth once they found out it existed. They would find out that long ago someone on Earth decided it would be a "neat" experiment to populate Mars and wonder 'what were they thinking'? How about we just take much better care of the planet we live on already?!

- Parking Lot Etiquette: Why does it seem that once someone enters a parking lot, they seem to forget all the normal "rules of the road"?

- Turn Signals Anyone?


- You don't hike where you dump, so why dump where you hike?!

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