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MA-6100 MA6100



SOLD 5/20/08

Circa 1972-'8
for sale
 This unit has had complete service including cleaning everything including all switches, controls and contacts. All new lamps installed for years of trouble-free service (this alone requires about 2 hours of tech time. Total time invested into check-up / restore 8.5 hours). All inputs tested and both side produces clean and even sine waves into static 8 & 4 ohm loads! No power supply hum of any kind. It's dead silent! All functions test fine. Following restoration procedures, the unit was ran continuously at medium volume, as all our amplifier / receivers are, into a load with "Loudness" on and both Tone Controls at 10 for 72 hours. While this unit was VERY clean and well cared for when we obtained it, we completely de-nuded it, and detailed everything inside and out. It looks LIKE NEW!!!
While this unit was originally rated at 70 wpc @ 8ohms, on our test bench, the internal amplifiers produced 27 volts per channel for 91 watts per channel at 8 Ω and 19 volts at 4 Ω for 90 watts per channel via discrete, metal cased, TO-3 style outputs @ 1khz. (4x original Motorola 132-128 / 7552 devices)

Powerful, PHAT sounding and versatile, McIntosh, MA-6100 integrated amplifier. Great amp for serious 2-channel, audiophile stereo system and "recording studio" use. VERY impressive looking! "Real" outputs and power supply! Super heavy internal build as a McIntosh should be.
Features include:

- Selectable Load Output impedance for matching Full Power to only one set of speakers if desired. Selectable for 16, 8 or 4 ohms
- Speaker selector for Main, Remote, Both or Off 
- Super quality, full-size volume
attenuator pot
- Separate Left and Right, Bass and Treble controls utilizing super quality, full-size pots
- Tone-Defeat feature when tone controls in center detent position bypasses tone control circuitry for purest signal path.
Built-in Low / Sub-Sonic filter for cutting turntable rumble. Center selectable for either 15Hz or 30Hz
- Built-in High filter for reducing 19 kHz FM pilot tones and tape hiss. Center selectable for either 8kHz or 12kHz

- Phase switch for 180
out of phasing
- Dual Tape Monitors (can also be used for Video / CD / DVD / VCR / DAT / iPod / MP3 / XM / SIRUS etc. as well as for CDR)
-  Bi-directional tape dubbing
- Aux input (can also be used for Video / CD / DVD / VCR / DAT / iPod / MP3 / XM / SIRUS etc.)
- Dual Tuner inputs (can also be used for Video / CD / DVD / VCR / DAT / iPod / MP3 / XM / SIRUS etc.)

- Dual Phono inputs

- Direct Tape-Head input

- Stereo Mode switch for Stereo / Mono-Mix / Stereo-Reverse, R to L+R, L to L+R, L+R to Right, L+R to Left.
- Front mounted 1/4" stereo headphone jack
- Pre-Amp out / Power-Amp In RCA loop with original shorting jumpers
- External AC Power Protection Fuse
- 4x AC convenience outlets
- PanLoc ready

 Design type: 2 Channels, Integrated Pre /
Class A/B operation Power Amplifier

Damping Factor: >50@ 20-20kHz into
- THD; 0.2% at full rated power into 8Ω w/ 20-20kHz
Freq Response: 20Hz-20kHz (+0.5 to -0.5dB)

Hum & Noise; -90dB high level,
-76dB low level re 10mV.
Power amp noise;  -95dB. 

Input Sensitivities and impedance:

high level 0.3V at 250k,
phono 2.5mV at 47k
tape head 3.0mV at 500k,
power amp 3.0V at 100k.
Tone Control Cut-Boost;
Bass +16dB to -16dB
Treble +16dB to -16dB 
Filter Parameters; LF filter 50Hz at 12dB / oct
HF filter 7k at 12dB / oct
Presence boost; 4dB at 1.5k.

70w/ch at 8 ohms, 60 w/ch at 4 ohms, 40w/ch at 16 ohms. , both channels driven, from 20Hz to 20kHz.

Again, we have complete gone through and tested all functions of this unit. It sounds incredible and looks LIKE NEW!. The chrome is corrosion / scratch free and the glass face is completely intact. Even the original 12 layer ink behind the glass is completely intact with no bubbling. Brushed face end caps near perfect. All black finish on tins in perfect shape. All original speaker output clips intact. RCA jacks clean and corrosion free. No chips to the AC outlets. All perfect. Original fuse cap intact. Unit still even has the original Phono and Tape Head shorting RCA plugs for noise-free operation. All functions test perfectly and it sounds great! Measures 16.25" wide x 13.5" deep x 5.5" tall and weighs 34 lbs unpacked.
McINTOSH MA-6100 MA6100
Cosmetic Cond. 9.5+++

SOLD 5/20/08


Packing process

         (photos of box coming from recipient)

Unit metal chassis was elevated above 2" thick foam board on high-density, polyethylene foam so glass face panel could not touch any of the rigid or semi-rigid packing. Successive 2" foam plates were cut to fit so unit was surrounded by foam. Each plate was cut so face had at least 1" of free air space from all directions. Each plate was stretch filmed to the previous lower plate. The plates fit the sides of the amp snugly to reduce shifting. A polyethylene foam strip was sandwiched between the foam board and the face panel incase the amp was dropped on it's face and shifted. On the top of the amp was a 2" thick layer of medium density foam to keep it from shifting. Next a 2" plate of rigid foam board was stretch filmed to cap the unit. The box was lined on both the bottom and the top with a 2" polyethylene foam panel. The entire box was 24" x 24" x 18.5". It was marked over the top and around it's circumference with "Fragile" tape and all sides marked with "UP" arrows. Entire pack took 3 hours. We have shipped over 13,000 units over the past 12 years with only 2 minor damage issues, other than this one. 6/2/08