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SOLD OUT 3/21/06
10th Anniversary Model
for sale

The Sony TCD-D100, Portable DAT walkman. These are great for recording live shows, nature recording of wildlife / bird calls / songs, water falls, creeks, streams, park / traffic / city sound-scapes, archiving speeches, surveillance / intel etc. via the microphone inputs or via line input with a mic mixer / pre-amp. For live shows you could experiment with microphones / placement or simply take an output from the mixer (preferably a separate mix out from the mains). We am currently experimenting with different mics including Sony's ECM-MS907 for simplicity, but may try some AKG's and parabolic's. Also, they are obviously great for compiling your favorite music to listen to in a "skip-free", durable and easy to use format. They were around a “grand” (that’s one thousand dollars, $1000) as a new MSRP. These are refurb’s from SONY and will be certified “ready to go”. Even though Sony’s techs have gone through each and everyone (which is likely way more “hands-on” testing then the one’s simply getting “spit-off” the assembly line at the factory ever got), we will also test each one for basic functions prior to shipment. These are in essentially new condition and include all the cool, original stuff / accessories that came with the units in a bag, plus some extra items that Oak Tree Vintage is throwing in to get you "up and going" (ie: Manual, 2x NEW Ni-MH rechargeable batteries
(Ni-MH = Nickel Metal Hydride batteries can be repeatedly re-charged without developing a "memory"), Sony Ni-MH Battery charger and Sony AC-E45HG AC-power supply / adaptor, Sony model RM-ED100 LCD remote control, durable Leatherette (fancy word for vinyl) case, Sony model MDR-E747, “Ear-Bud” headphones & a Sony model DT-10CL DAT cleaning tape
*. In addition to all that Oak Tree Vintage is throwing in the necessary cable to connect from a mixer / analog audio source, and then to re-connect back into a mixer or amplifier either via RCA's or 1/4" or into your computer / Korg PX-2, 3 or 4 Guitar processor with an included dual 3.5mm TRS to TRS cable. Features include:

- Full-featured DAT Tape Player/Recorder
-Special 10th Anniversary Model features durable die-cast magnesium case
- Easy operation with high speed FF, REW & Cue / Review
- 48, 44.1 or 32 kHz (for extended tape time. Long play mode allows 4-hour (240 minutes) recording on 120 minute tape) Sampling Frequency
- Multiple Record modes (manual / auto gain, mic limiter)
- 16-bit linear quantization
- Direct recording from CD, MiniDisc, etc. with optional cable (not included)
- Digital-to-Digital recording capability (with CD / MD / MP-3 players)
- Standard level, Analog output for connection to your stereo / PA / Audio sound system
- Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries w/ charger to save you money
- Up to 3.5 hours recording / playback time using the re-chargable Ni-MH batteries (included). Longer times possible with Akaline 2x AA batteries.
- AC operation with optional 4.5 volt Sony power adaptor (also included)
- Back-lit, LCD display indicates operating status, Record / Playback levels, battery life, etc.
- Recording "Over-Level" indicator
- Automatic or Manual recording level adjustment
- Mic level limiter, built-in (can be by-passed)
- Selectable mic attenuator for 0 or -20 dB
- Record Mute
- Date Function for "Date / Time stamping" audio tapes
- After Recording function lets you write and erase Start ID's and Program numbers after recordings have been made
- AVLS (Auto Volume Limiting System) for widely varying sounds
- "HOLD" / Lock switch to prevent accidental recording "screw-ups"
- Wired, most function, LCD remote control (included)
- Wow & Flutter less than 0.001%
- Dynamic Ranger greater than 87 dB
- Signal/Noise ratio greater than 87 dB
- Total Harmonic Distortion less than 0.008%
- Mic Input (Stereo Mini (3.5mm) Jack
- Line In (Stereo 3.5mm Mini Jack)
- Line Out (Stereo 3.5mm Mini Jack)
- Digital In (7-pin Jack)
- Digital Out (7-pin Jack)
- Headphones 1/8" Mini TRS
- Search Speed 100x

We can't say enough about the performance of this deck. You won't be disappointed. Measures 4 5/8" x 3 1/8" x 1 1/4" and weighs only 11 ounces unpacked! Pretty much the same size as a typical Sony Walkman Cassette Decks. Includes our standard 90 day limited warranty.
MSRP $999.
(when they were available from Sony)
Here, and they are currently available at
$599. W/ All the extra stuff listed above.

SOLD OUT 3/21/06

With the exception of the DAT cleaning tape, this no longer includes the DAT tapes in the photos.