Replacement Switch for broken bad Pioneer RG-2, SR-303, SG-9500, SG-9800 Switches- Tape monitor Processor Attenuator Attenuators 
(4-pole switch MAY*also work for Sansui 7070, 8080, 9090 DB receiver Audio Mute Switch) Replacement for most Pioneer ASG-212, ASG-213, ASG-313, ASG-214, ASG-316 and others.


Pioneer_RG-2_SR-303_SG-9500-9800_EQ_Switches_1_web.jpg (19057 bytes)   Pioneer_RG-2_SR-303_SG-9500-9800_EQ_Switches_2_web.jpg (32771 bytes) 
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If the locking push switch on your
RG-2, RG-9, RG-60, SG-300, SG-540, SG-550, SG-9500, SG-9800, SR-9, SR-60, SR-303, 
and other
Pioneer EQ's, Reverbs, Dynamic Processors is not staying in, or will not lock, then here's the 
fix for you.
MAY*also fit other units. The original switches had / have almost a 100% failure
rate after a few years. If yours is not broken yet, it will fail and probably soon.

Failure is due
to a plastic locking mechanism that is many years beyond it's designed lifespan. The plastic part that fails,
is less than a mm thick, has a metal pin catching on it and is 25+ years old. Almost every time we bench
one of the above listed units, the original switch lock will fail after being depressed 1-6 times. Even if the lock functioned
when we purchased the unit we know it will either fail on us in restoration or on the buyer of the unit.

These switches will replace Tape Monitor, Attenuator, Processor 
and other push-in / locking switches on vintage Pioneer Gear. We have both 
12-Pin (4-pole, 6 pins per side) and 18-pin (6-pole, 9 pins per side) switches. 
They are a simple install for most electronic techs. Includes basic instructions. 
12-Pin (4-pole, 6 pins per side) -
$19.99 ea.

18-pin (6-pole, 9 pins per side) -
$19.99 ea.
Add  $6.50  Shipping for domestic US states to total 
regardless of quantity of switches ordered.
Add  $14.50  Shipping for 'non-USA' destinations to total 
for up to 6 switches.
If you have one of yours bad you should replace the other(s) now also.

WARNING: Electronic equipment carries dangerous and potentially lethal electrical currents. You should never open any electronic unit without proper knowledge of electronics and the hazards of electricity! 
Any repair / restoration should be undertaken ONLY by a QUALIFIED ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN!

(4-pole / 6 pin
MAY*also work for Sansui 7070, 8080, 9090 DB Audio Mute Switch)