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AT311EP AT-311EP AT 311EP

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The Audio-Technica AT-311 EP. Will fit turntables requiring either a P-mount or 1/2" standard mount cartridge. A great performing cartridge offering above average performance with-out breaking the bank. Features an Elliptical 0.3 x 0.7 mil Bonded-Diamond stylus for exceptional groove tracking. Utilizes Audio-Technicas' own Vector-Aligned dual magnet design for sonic generation. The AT-311EP has a finer elliptical cut to the diamond stylus than it's slightly cheaper counterpart, the AT-301EP / AT301EP and since it has an elliptical cut, will "blow away" the AT300P / AT-300P with it's "Close-n-Play" / Toy style "Conical" cut! At least a good elliptical cut is imperative to accurate sound and lower record wear. Specs are as follows:

- Elliptical Nude Diamond Stylus
- Elliptically cut Bi-Radial @ 0.3 x 0.7 mil

- Frequency Response: 15-27kHz
- Output is a high 5 mV @ 1kHz=
- Thin-Wall Cantilever

- Recommended Vertical Tracking Force 1.0-1.5 grams
- Vertical Tracking Angle 20

- Channel Balance = 1.25
- Channel Separation; 29dB @ 1kHz & 18dB @ 10kHz

- Recommended loading impedance 47K ohms (standard, requires only standard phono pre-amp built-into most gear).
- Load Capacitance 100-200 pF

If you are looking for a much above average sounding cartridge for listening and / or recording your vinyl, cartridge then this would make a very nice sounding unit for your 1/2" or P-mount turntable. 

MSRP $110.00

These are official Audio-Technica cartridges.
Not Chinese "bootlegs", "grey-market" or knock-offs like the cheaply priced copies seen all over the internet and in on-line auctions
that simply look like the "real thing".

Our price $59.99
includes "Real-Time, Real-Person" phone support for rebalancing and re-adjusting your tone-arm's user adjustments if required or desired!